What’s your next step?

August 16, 2019

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Do you have a goal that seems a bit out of reach? Is there a project you can’t seem to get started on? Have you been thinking about hosting an event or teaching a workshop but all the details overwhelm you? Does your spiritual life need a shot in the arm?

Or do you have a nagging feeling that you need to better utilize your gifts and talents but aren’t sure how?

Maybe you’ve wanted to explore how we can work together! This is the first step in that process, too.

Life gets busy. Our big dreams–or even just a small change–can seem utterly impossible. We wish someone could just tell us what to do.

Enter…Tab. And my Step Into Your Purpose offering! 

    • Get clear on your vision and goals
    • Create action steps
    • Be introduced to the amazing people in my network
    • Take advantage of my resources and library
    • Be encouraged and empowered
    • Get some treats and goodies

Read more here and get onto my calendar before it fills up!

I’ll tell you the fine print…my goal is to get you real life, face to face HELP on your journey.

I want to see you take action and move forward to greater purpose. That’s MY purpose!

Full disclosure: that could involve any of the dozens of people in my network. It’s entirely possible we won’t work together at all and that’s OK! I have always wanted to be more of a connector.

Yes, it could also involve working one of one with me! If that’s the case I do offer some services here or if you need something outside of the scope of my usual work (which I’m not planning on changing officially any time soon), my fee is simply $100 an hour and we will determine how best to use it. I’m trying hard to make this as simple and practical as possible. I hope you’ll get started!

What’s your next step? To get in touch so we can schedule your time with me!

Discover your next step! Step Into Your Purpose with Tabitha Dumas

Mine and my hubby’s offerings! 

What's your next step? Work with tabandrew! Step Into Your Purpose with Tabitha Dumas


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