Do you need to get busy? (I know what’s holding you back)

January 4, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Do you need to get busy? I talk to two types of women:  those who do too much and need to be more strategic with their time and talents, and the women who want to DO something but can’t seem to get moving. If you’re the former, I have links for you at the end of this post.

I’m talking to the women who need to get busy.

There’s that project you’ve been meaning to tackle, that idea you’ve wanted to launch, that group you’ve wanted to join.

You want to…

  • teach an art class
  • mentor troubled teens
  • host a ladies luncheon
  • start a home-based business
  • lead a Bible study
  • write a book
  • meet a neighbor you can walk with
  • reach out to that woman you met and felt drawn to

But day after day, month after month…you don’t. You don’t make the call, set the date or send the email.

You’re stuck…and I know what’s holding you back from taking the next step.

It’s something I’ve battled in the four years since I decided to live a big life (and still battle, every day)

It’s something the imperfectionists have fought against.

It’s absolutely critical if you want to keep doing scary things or take risks.

Lean in close, sister…I know your secret.

You’re scared.

Sure, being scared can mean many things.

Fear of failure. Or fear of success!!

Fear of disappointing people.

Fear of making mistakes.

Or my personal favorite, fear of looking stupid. 

Whatever it is…

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Allow me to reassure you…

the more “out there” your life is, the scarier it is.

The only people who aren’t shaking in their boots all the time are the ones who aren’t doing anything. 

The ones not doing anything are going to be your biggest critics, by the way. When you’re making connections, teaching workshops, inviting people into your home, volunteering on teams…mistakes will be made.

You will

  • be late to appointments
  • put your foot in your mouth
  • miss some emails
  • offend people
  • lose your cool
  • cancel an event
  • forget people’s names
  • spend too much money
  • and {gasp} make spelling and grammar errors! (grammatical errors??)

I’ve had people show up to a workshop unexpectedly and not have a clue what their name is or where I know them from.

I’ve sat in meetings where someone called on my expertise and I made up a totally B.S. answer and OWNED it.

There are people right now who have emailed me and never heard back.

I was told after one committee meeting that I needed to “work on my poker face.” (I later rejected that notion–the team needed me precisely because I don’t fake it!)

I’m not proud of any of those blunders (and the hundreds more) and I wish I could completely avoid them, but…it comes with the territory.

It IS scary. 

But allow me to reassure you again…

every time you “put yourself out there,” it gets easier.

And the mistakes are worth it.

You have two options: be safe or be scared.

Get busy! Take action! You can't see shooting stars from the couch -tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

You know you need to do this THING, whether it’s just showing up to try out a new yoga studio or asking that guy out on a date.

I know you’re scared. Do it anyway. 

Determine what your next step needs to be and TAKE IT.

People are waiting for you. That committee, that class, that future reader of your novel…they need you.

Make that first phone call. Fill out the application. Approach that person. DO ONE THING.

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You’ll be called upon when you’re not ready and you’ll step up to the challenge. It feels so good.

You’ll pull off an event and feel like you could take on the world.

You’ll hit “publish” and people will tell you your words changed their life and you’ll be hooked.

You need to get busy. The world is waiting for you.

Do you need to get busy- Here's how to overcome what's holding you back.

What step can you take toward the THING you need to do? Comment or head on over to the Facebook page.

Do you need to get busy- Here's how to overcome what's holding you back.

If you are TOO busy…

Read My busyness is my fault

The key to ending busyness and being more productive and

Serve in your sweet spot.


  1. Maxine Gonzalez

    Hi Friend……..stopping by to say hello and excellent post. I think I fall somewhere in-between all of this. I like to be safe but when I step out in faith I always realized that following GOD is the best for me and to close my ears to all those other voices in my head. I pray you will have a successful NEW YEAR in all you do!

    • Tabitha Dumas

      Great to see you here, friend!! Following God IS always best! It’s hard not to listen to all the other voices, though. Wishing you all the best in 2016, too!!

  2. Aimee

    I’m feeling this one today, friend. Thanks for calling me out.., and for the reassurance.

    • Tabitha Dumas

      I re-read it, found a typo…and it spoke to me, too!!! 🙂 Let me know what your next step is so I can cheer you on!!!


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