You have your Signature Color…now what?

November 23, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

**2023 Update! You can only Discover Your Signature Color with a color analysis appointment done in person in Gilbert, Arizona. Get all the info here.**

So you have your Signature Color…now what?

#1: Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest.

I pin daily! Pinterest is my happy place online. You can go through and follow specific boards, or just follow them all. It’s all right here.

If you’re a social media person, or want to see what I’m up to, what I’m wearing and who I’m promoting, follow me on my other social media as well.

I post regularly to Instagram, too! You can follow me here. Say “hi” and comment on one of my posts! 

If you’re on Facebook, consider joining my private insiders’ group of the sweetest 200-ish ladies! Take a look here. It’s also a great place to ask a question and receive my feedback!

#2: Follow my Signature Color board for all my latest posts and videos about your Signature Color. It’s here.

#3: Next, make sure you’re following the board for your specific Signature Color. They’re all toward the top of my account.

I show you…

  • colors your color pairs well with
  • accessory options in your color
  • outfits with your color
  • capsule wardrobes that include your color
  • seasonal looks in your color
  • shopping options
  • and lots more!

You should pin a few ideas while you’re there onto your “my style” or “my Signature Color” board. If you don’t have one, start one!

Do you need help with Pinterest?

Check out my FREE online Pinterest workshop.

#4: Create your Signature Style Statement.

This helps you narrow down your style and decide what kind of image you want to portray.

Here’s mine:

Signature Color Style road map! Discover your Signature Style with Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Read all about it and find the tools here.

#5: Look at your wardrobe. What are colors you wear a lot of? Do a search on that color plus your signature color plus “outfit” for inspiration on how to wear those colors together (example “teal pink outfit”). Pin ideas.

Also consider HOW you arrange your wardrobe, especially now that you know your best colors. Find out how I arrange my wardrobe here.

Shop on purpose!

Before you start shopping…

#6: use my free printable checklist to determine how you need to update your wardrobe for this season.

Read these before any spring shopping or fall shopping.

#7: Consider creating a capsule wardrobe.

Think less than 30 pieces that all mix and match and are within the same color palette. It’s life changing. My dear friend and mentor Shari Braendel has an amazing online academy to walk you through the process! Purchase here then let me know and I’ll send you my exclusive (FREE) three-page PDF about how to incorporate your Signature Color into your capsule. ~~NEW~~ I also offer a guide of which pieces to buy in which colors according to your Signature Color and your wardrobe color palette!

Here’s a look at my Spring 2020 capsule!

27 Hangers spring capsule wardrobe Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

The Closet Outfit Planner is also a fantastic tool, especially if you like to follow outfit formulas and find new ways to pairing items. They’re based on your Color Code! Get the latest season here.

#8: Add small doses of your Signature Color to your current wardrobe.

  • scarves
  • shoes
  • jewelry
  • bags and purses
  • hair accessories
  • nail polish
  • hosiery

If you really want to elevate your image…

#9: HIRE ME!

See my options by checking out my SERVICES PAGE.

I hope you love your Signature Color and I hope it helps you get noticed and become unforgettable!

Please pin and share!

You have your Signature what- from home of the Signature Color Experience


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