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October 9, 2020

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Tabitha Dumas

“Elevate your image. Expand your influence.” has been my tag-line for about six years now, long before there were “influencers.” To me, an influencer as it is referred to in the social media world is a person who promotes products for money. They get a lot of followers by using beautiful, provocative and/or creative photos and they inspire people to take action i.e. buy products. Did you know there are young people who say they want to “be an influencer” when they grow up? They mean they want to get paid to be a “lifestyle brand” or a walking, talking advertisement.

When most people think of an influencer, they picture the svelte blonde in her workout leggings drinking an energy drink in her bright white kitchen, the chic couple who are always traveling to exotic destinations or the twenty-something who wears a different outfit every day and offers a link to shop her look.

I’ve got news for you, lady. You are an influencer.

You might follow some influencers: the authors, speakers, bloggers, brand ambassadors, public personas and maybe you’ve wondered if they’re for real or maybe they’ve gotten knocked off of their pedestal. That’s the trouble–they’re just regular people who are really good at promoting.

Everyone has influence. You have influence in your home whether you live with a roommate, have six kids or are an empty nester. The way you decorate, manage your day, host and organize influences the people you live with and the people you come in contact with.

You have influence at your work place. You influence everyone you come in contact with from your customers to your boss. Your attitude, values, personality and talents affect them all.

You have influence in your community. The places you shop, the committees you serve on, the classes you teach. They all reach people. You make a difference and leave a mark.

You have influence on the staff when you take your child to a physical therapy appointment, you have influence with the people you talk to at your gym or grocery store, you have influence on every single person you come into contact with. 

If you have any presence outside of the four walls of your home, online or in person, I promise you this: more people are watching you than you realize.

This is not a pressure thing (“Oh my gosh, people are watching me, I have to be perfect all the time!”). This is meant to be empowering. You don’t have to get paid to promote products in order to make a difference in the world. You don’t have to have a fancy website or run a business to share what you know or mentor someone.

A large social media following isn’t required for you to use your gifts and talents to help people.

One of the main reasons I’m passionate about helping women wear their best colors and dress confidently is so they feel empowered to exert their influence without shrinking back. My services are not geared toward “influencers,” they’re geared toward the everyday woman because she IS an influencer. In fact, influencing your family, friends and community with the way to live your life is so much more important than hawking skin care or green drinks. 

Own your influence. Grow the circle of influence you have (if you want to!). Don’t let the people who are more “out there” intimidate you. Let them inspire you to make an impact in your corner of the world. You are an influencer and you are making a difference.

You are an influencer by Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

You are an influencer by Tabitha Dumas


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