Why you need a worry free wardrobe

June 28, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

Raise your hand if you get tired of making hundreds of micro-decisions all day and something that should be fun–like getting dressed–becomes downright exhausting.

I can preach all day about decluttering and organizing your closet, creating a capsule wardrobe, shopping on purpose…but you might be wondering why you need a worry free wardrobe. {If you’re here for that, visit my Resources Page or check out the “you might also love” links at the bottom of this post}

Why you need a worry free wardrobe

There’s a verse in the Matthew 6 in the Bible that says, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.” Some people take that to mean, “Don’t put any thought into your clothes or your style.” Those people might also assume it means that looking pretty or put-together is a waste of time. (I wonder if they also leave their house unlocked, eat the same food every day and refuse to work out)

Alas, no. One of the things I learned from Shari Braendel, my mentor and trainer, is the better interpretation is,

“Make your wardrobe a no-brainer so you are free to focus on what you’re called to do.”

That makes so much more sense. Don’t let your dysfunctional closet consume your life! 

It’s one thing to commit extra time getting dressed because you enjoy it or because you meditate in your closet intentionally. It’s another thing to waste your precious time and energy dealing with a wardrobe that’s dysfunctional or frustrating.

So reason number 1?

1. When your wardrobe is worry free, you are free to focus on your calling.

Now back to your closet. Most of us get dressed every morning. I wonder how many women enjoy the process of getting dressed and feel confident and empowered when they leave the house to face the day.

A dysfunctional wardrobe is a terrible distraction.

When you have an organized closet, a cohesive color palette, go-to outfits, flattering completer pieces and accessories AND you’re dressing in a way that expresses your personality and suits your vision for your life, you can confidently do your work.

When your closet is a frustration, it’s also a detriment.

A functional wardrobe helps you elevate your image and expand your influence so you can reach your potential.

Some of the most successful (and happy) women I know are also the best dressed. They use their image as a vehicle to live their dreams.

I know so many women (and I’ve been there, too) who loathe the time they spend getting dressed because they don’t like their clothes, they don’t know how to put outfits together and they don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror when they’re done.

What a lousy way to start the day!

So reason number 2…

2. When your wardrobe is worry free, you start the day in a positive way!

Women who struggle with their wardrobes start their day frustrated, overwhelmed and often with negative self talk.

When I’m done with my clients, they have a Signature Color, a cohesive color palette, outfits for the week, organized accessories and a shopping list. That’s a confidence boost and makes shopping so much easier!

You step into your closet feeling excited and peaceful and you leave your closet feeling confident, energized and empowered! 

Just like dressing for the mood you want, feeling fabulous when you leave the house every morning sets the tone for the entire day. It also effects how people perceive you and treat you!

Besides all that…

3. When your wardrobe is worry free, getting dressed is FUN!

Worrying about what to wear? Not fun.

A wardrobe that works for your style and primary lifestyle and gets you closer to your goals?? That’s FUN.

Take the worry out of your wardrobe and start playing dress-up again.

A capsule wardrobe might be just the thing! Purchase the 27 Hangers Online Academy! I include a FREE guide for incorporating your Signature Color (and NEW free guide with which pieces to have in which colors) when you purchase via my link: here.

If you need my help…

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How would a worry free wardrobe change your life? Getting dressed should be fun, not draining! Let Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant help make your wardrobe work for your life.

How would a worry free wardrobe change your life? Getting dressed should be fun, not draining! Let Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant help make your wardrobe work for your life.

Why you need a worry-free wardrobe! -TabithaDumas.com image consultant

The cure for when your closet gives you decision fatigue. Why you need a worry free wardrobe. Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant. Closet consult personal shopping



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