Wondering what to blog about? 25 ways to blog about a toilet

July 16, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Writer’s block is not a problem for me but I know plenty of people who struggle with post topics. Are you

wondering what to blog about?

Coming up with fresh ideas for your blog posts can be daunting, frustrating or even overwhelming.

Don’t let a lack of ideas prevent you from posting regularly! Your content needs to see the light of day!

I have been a ghost blogger for a local plumbing company for almost three years and have been challenged to find new ways to talk about plumbing eight times every month. Trust me, it helped me get creative about blog topics. 

Every business has the proverbial toilet–the topic you HAVE TO talk about on your blog. 

Don’t let your toilet get boring.

Here are 25 ways to blog about a toilet that you can apply to virtually ANY topic.

1. The definition of a toilet.

2. The history of the toilet.

3. How a toilet works.

4. The invention and evolution of the toilet over the years.

5. The newest toilet technologies.

6. Avoiding toilet trouble.

7. What to look for when purchasing a toilet.

8. When to DIY and when to hire professionals for your toilet.

9. Toilets in the news.

10. Toilet challenges during the changing seasons.

11. Gift ideas for toilet lovers.

12. Toilet stories you have to see to believe.

13. Special considerations for toilets and kids.

14. Toilets for the older generations.

15. The future of toilets.

16. Toilet inspiration on Pinterest.

17. Funny toilet stories.

18. Toilet Halloween costumes.

19. Toilets when you’re entertaining.

20. Toilet deals, sales and coupons.

21. Toilets men will love.

22. Toilets women will love.

23. Toilets in interior design. Toto Toilets are renowned for their cool design, check them out!

24. Your most pressing toilet questions ANSWERED.

25. Common challenges of using and maintaining a toilet.

I hope these ideas will keep you inspired for what to blog about!

What is the “toilet” in your business or profession? How are you putting a fresh spin on it on your blog? I’d love to know! Comment or come on over to the Facebook page.

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25 ways to blog about a toilet that will help you generate blog ideas for ANY topic. From blogger extraordinare tabithad.sg-host.com



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