Style tips for women who wear black

September 17, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I know, I know…there are a lot of you out there who are very attached to you black wardrobes. I won’t try to persuade you, I want you to be comfortable in your own skin! And no, black cannot EVER be a Signature Color, at least not on my watch. But I know that you want to look stylish, fabulous and put-together so here are

style tips for women who wear black.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to look like you’re wearing black by default. You want to look like you’re wearing black on purpose! So…

1. Know your Color Code.

If you don’t know what your Color Code is, go find out and come back! I’ll wait.

Visit this post: Find out your Color Code

If you are a Light or Soft Color Code, black does NOT belong near your face. If you’re a Soft, the bad news is that you shouldn’t be wearing it at all because it’s simply too overpowering. Charcoal, brown or navy would look so much better!

If you are a Warm, keep black on the bottom half if you can. Choose any shade of brown for your neutral pieces.

If you are a Deep, Clear or Cool lady, black is FABULOUS on you! It’s also a great choice for your neutral/basic wardrobe pieces (blazers, dress pants) and shoes and purse. Deeps (like me) look great in leopard print–that’s almost like black, right??

For Clears: black is especially lovely when paired with bright colors or white. A zebra print is a winner.

2. Wear pieces with texture or interesting details.

The Stacey Harris wears black beautifully, especially with her pink hair. But the last time I saw her, I noticed that her black top had subtle polka dots in the fabric. That gives her outfit interest. Look for items with

  • lace
  • ruffles
  • pattern
  • bows
  • seaming
  • zippers

to keep it interesting.

3. Accessorize with metallics or color.

A statement necklace, whether colored beads or in a metallic finish, elevates your entire outfit. You can also skip the necklace and wear fabulous earrings. A gorgeous bag or a funky belt go a long way toward a coordinated look as well.

Style tips for women who wear black. Look like you're wearing black on purpose, not by default! TABITHADUMAS.COM

Source for the necklace and image is Anthropologie

4. Mind your makeup.

Black can drain your complexion so when you wear black near your face, consider wearing a little extra blush and/or lip color to avoid looking washed out. A brown-ish pink color looks good on virtually everyone.

5. Add sparkle.

Whether in your accessories, makeup or shoes, black can be dazzling when you add sparkle to your ensemble.

Wearing black gives you permission to go a little crazy with the bling since there’s nothing else going on with color.

A shimmery lipgloss or eye shadow is lovely. Glittery shoes are fun. A blinged-out handbag will really rev up your star power. When you wear black, you can go nuts with the sparkle!

6. Be cool.

Black is considered a cool color (as opposed to brown, which is considered warm). That means black is best paired with other cool colors. Colors that look amazing with black include

  • white
  • hot pink
  • bright yellow
  • ocean blues

Primary colors that are considered neutrals also look great with black like

  • true red
  • royal purple
  • emerald green
  • turquoise

IF you’re going to wear black with ivory, just remember to go with gold (warm) accessories.

I hope these tips for women who wear black are helpful to you! Feel free to pin and share!

Style tips for women who wear black. Look like you're wearing black on purpose, not by default! TABITHADUMAS.COM



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