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Why turquoise is my Signature Color

Assigning a Signature Color is both a science and an art. I am loving helping people find their Signature Color! I am often asked how I chose mine so here’s

why turquoise is my Signature Color.

First of all, if you don’t have a Signature Color yet…get one! Just go here, it’s only $97.

As I mentioned in my post about what a Signature Color can do for you

your ideal color is one that

  • you enjoy wearing–you feel good in it
  • suits your coloring–it complements your complexion
  • enhances your image–it tells people something positive about you and your brand or business

As a Deep Dominant Color Category, my “pop” colors are rich jewel tones: purple, true red, persimmon and royal blue.

Turquoise is actually a “pop” color for my Light and Warm gals!

In fact, a deep teal would work better as a “pop” color for a Deep like me.

But I like turquoise. Here’s why.
  • Turquoise reminds me of the ocean. I grew up near the beach, it’s my happy place.
  • It’s the color I have used all over my house because it’s cooling, calming and yet somehow energizing.
  • It’s a color I’ve enjoyed wearing all my life.
  • It looks good on me (it actually looks good on everyone).
  • I says, “friendly, creative, and fun-loving.”
  • I gravitate toward it. From my favorite purse to my beloved water bottle, turquoise is all over my world.
  • I own clothing, jewelry, scarves and shoes in turquoise and it works well with the other colors I love to wear like teal, black, coral and pink.

Turquoise works for me!

Why turquoise is my Signature Color is turquoise! Discover YOUR Signature Color!
Wearing my Signature Color recently.
I love to wear it and I love surrounding myself with it, it looks good on me, and it elevates my image.

Those are all wonderful reasons for choosing your Signature Color and when you Discover Your Signature Color, that’s what I work hard to accomplish for YOU!

{I want a turquoise couch}

Why turquoise is my Signature Color. Turquoise couch! Tabitha Dumas Signature Color Style Phoenix Image Consultant

You might already have an idea of what your color is or maybe you’re finally ready to incorporate more color into your life!

Either way, I hope you’ll Discover Your Signature Color!


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Discover Your Signature Color from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant Signature Color Style

Why turquoise is my Signature Color...and how you can discover YOURS! from Tabithadumas.com home of the Signature Color Experience

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8 thoughts on “Why turquoise is my Signature Color

  1. Tabitha, aqua is my aura color and turquoise is my birthstone so when I wear either one of them I look and feel great. You are so right, color can change your mood and make a difference in your life. We often choose signature jewelry or clothing. Why not match them with your signature color. Great article.


  2. I love colour and I have been choosing a color to focus on each week- that is powerful too. My signature colour is purple closely followed by turquoise which I am wearing today- both.
    Mice to meet you and your blog x

  3. I am 61, and a size 3. I look younger than my age (never a sun worshipper or drinker). I was told by a neighbor witch, I dress too young, before she caught the color bug,, I wore too vibrant colors, and should tone it down. Ok, thanks “color police” lol I love turquoise, tangerine, and fuchsia. I wear purple in my career wardrobe, but not casually that often.. When I’m feeling “magenta”(not too blue, just down), a splash of color makes me happy. People tell me tangerine, and turquoise looks great on me.

    I use to live in a gated community, where white and sand were the “uniform” of the upscale women on the weekends. How boring! Pantone would be put out of business with more dones, like them.

  4. My signature color is Blue, ranging in shades of Royal, Baby, or Navy, but never any light or darker. I typically mix these colors with brown, white, or gray. I’m trying to wear more yellow, however, since I feel blue might be a color that’s too depressing. However, I’ve grown so accustomed to it that whenever I where another color, such as green or orange, I feel out of place or insecure, as if by going off-color I’m compromising a part of myself. I know it’s probably really weird but that’s how it is for me. All of my jackets, shirts,. and most of my shorts are blue, hell, even my workout-clothes are all blue.

    And it’s not just clothes, either! My pens, swatches, and phone case are all blue as well. I made the choices unwittingly years before but now I’m glad I did, since it all matches my ensemble. My friend is actually the one who brought this deliberate color scheme up, since she often always wears yellow, and noticed that I always wore blue.

    1. I love blue, especially for a Signature Color! I totally get feeling like being in different colors is compromising your authentic self–I feel that way in brown and anything dull. I’m so glad you found your perfect color!! I do love yellow with blue but I don’t think blue is depressing….soothing, yes! Depressing, no 🙂 Thanks for commenting!!

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