Get out and make real connections!

July 11, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas
It’s time to put yourself out there.

This post is about the importance of leaving your office or stepping away from your computer so you can expand your influence, reach more people and make real-life connections.

The case for making real-life connections

Whether you’re building a business or a ministry team…starting a mom’s group or leading a master mind…planning a community event or writing a book…you have to “put yourself out there” to accomplish it.

I live an “out there” life and I never intend to change that.

If you’re someone who wants to run an exclusively online business, you need this more than anyone. Even if your focus is on the online marketing and selling, why not expand to people who live, work and play near you?? Why not get into their world and let them into yours?

As much as I love blogging, writing, social media and even texting, being face to face with women is still my favorite aspect of my job.

When I’m telling my miscarriage story and a woman’s eyes well up with tears, my eyes do, too.

When I’m doing a color analysis and my client looks in the mirror and grins, I grin, too.

When I’m out shopping with a friend and she tries something on that she says she’d never picked out herself, and she strikes a pose, my heart swells.

You just can’t experience that virtually. 

The more technologically advanced society gets, the more we need real life connections.

The importance of community

Do you know how it feels to be known in your community?

Are you able to meet new people and connect them to someone who can help them?

Do you rub elbows with leaders, politicians, authors and decision makers?

Has someone said of you, “Everyone knows you!” or “You’re everywhere!”

Do people see you as a connector, a helper, a resource?

If the above strikes you as self-centered or egotistical, just remember…the larger your circle of influence, the more people you can help.

It’s not an ego thing…it’s an influence thing.

Your influence

I encourage women to act like a celebrity early on in their journey because when the day comes that they’re being recognized or celebrated, they’ll be able to stand confidently in the role. Read Do you behave like a celebrity?

If you aspire to reach more people with your products, services or message, why not start acting like the rock star that you are?

And it’s not walking around with your nose in the air, pretending to be someone you’re not and asking for special treatment…it’s being humble enough to serve yet self-assured enough to exert your influence to do good in the world.

The fact is, the more “out there” you are, the more you inspire other people to get “out there,” too!

Think about who inspired your journey. Who can you credit for paving the way so you could find the courage to step out in faith? You can be that person for someone else. 

Be the person who inspires others to put themselves out there.

I hope to see you OUT THERE!


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