Maybe this IS what you need

May 31, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

It’s been a little hectic around here lately. I keep thinking, “This is NOT what I need right now.” Then God gently reminded me…

“Maybe this IS what you need.”

Here’s the deal. It’s May.

I hosted my son’s Minecraft birthday party.  Two field trips. Two school performances. The end of the school year. We helped the fella who’s been living with us for four months move out and get a fresh start then as soon as he vacated our guest room, my mother-in-law came for an impromptu visit. In the midst of that, my husband started attending night classes. I’ve had appointments, training meetings, record-breaking Signature Color requests, business lunches and more. Then I hosted Beauty Boot Camp for 11 women!

I feel like I haven’t sat down in a month, my back and feet hurt and my office looks like a bomb went off.

I know you’ve been there. You’ve thought, “I just can’t catch a break.” No down time, no full day off, no chance to regroup…and no end in sight.

My mother-in-law was lounging on our couch with her crochet project and asked me, two nights before Beauty Boot Camp, “Can you sit with me a bit and chat?”

“No.” I quickly replied. “But you can come in my office and chat with ME while I work.” So she did.

At least once during her visit, other distractions and complications arose and that’s when I caught myself thinking, “This is not what I need right now.”

It was after the dust settled this weekend when I realized I’d breezed through the month with my sanity in tact and had quite enjoyed myself that God reminded me, “Maybe this IS what you need.” 

Maybe I needed the distractions to keep me balanced. Maybe I needed to be reminded that there’s more to life than me (our church’s motto).

Do you trust God to know what you need?

I was reminded of this verse:

Philippians 4:19, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

I often think of it more like, “God, here’s my need, go ahead and fill it. I know you can!”

Yes, we can tell God what we think we need…

But it also means that God knows what we don’t need.

And He knows our needs even when WE don’t!

I didn’t request any of the distractions I experienced this month…but maybe God knew I needed them.

And it means I have to trust Him to supply my needs, even when it doesn’t look the way I want it to.

It could be that God knows my needs better than I do.

I can rest in the assurance that He has my best interest in mind and I can just enjoy the adventure.

And honestly, the house is a little too quiet today. Maybe we need someone new in that vacant guest room. 


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