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August 26, 2019

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Tabitha Dumas

I’ve had a very enlightening week and wanted to share. A dear friend and mentor said something to me a few years ago that illuminated a problem I’ve always grappled with. She said, “I just don’t know what to do with you.” We’d worked together in various capacities and I’d helped her with events, marketing, project management, etc. yet she saw my potential and wanted to empower me to do more….but couldn’t figure out how. 

The problem is, I’ve never quite known what I’ve wanted. I have some big dreams and goals I’m always working toward but when I’m pushed to define what I want to actually DO day to day, the answer hasn’t been clear. I’ll think I want a bigger “business” but I don’t want to maintain the pace. I’ll decide to keep things simple just to find myself wanting to go bigger because I know I’m capable of more. And I’ve been OK with the idea of growing OTHER women’s dreams especially when my hubby became self-employed three years ago and we got pregnant with Kate.

Plus I really enjoy dabbling in different roles and projects, promoting local people and places, serving in the community and picking up a Signature Color client now and then. The pace worked for us.

It’s OK to help others grow their dreams while you’re figuring out yours!

live your dreams! Pursue your goals! Or work for someone else jbloom

Still in the back of my mind I really wanted to design my day and make sure the things I was spending my time and energy on were what I wanted to do and worth it. Life is too short not to!

Then we had A WEEK. You know the one. STUFF just happens. You have some lows. You have some sleepless nights. You realize how good you have it.

The First Shift

And like a jolt of electricity through my brain at 1:00am, it came to me: “Workshops To You.” See, I’ve done Tea To You for my friends at Christmas time for a few years now. I have all the tea paraphernalia and I’d pack a picnic basket, grab a few things at the store and take the tea party to their house. Why not do that with workshops?? People don’t know how or don’t have the supplies (or the time). But they’re a blast and a piece of cake for me so I take the workshop to them! Eureka!

It makes perfect sense because I can do the planning, prep and promoting from home on my own timeline then just go execute the event. I can teach it myself or partner with women and co-teach! You can read all about it at Yes, I bought the dot com and built the website (and designed and ordered business cards) that same night! (when things click for me I execute and run with it!)

Workshops To You what you can do with me Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

A Pinterest for Business workshop held at KC Cottage, a delightful workshop venue you can use in Gilbert, AZ.

For a few weeks now I was actually pondering a similar idea to launch but it was way more complicated so this makes so much more sense.

I call it a “holy hesitation” when I wait to pull the trigger on something then realize God was guiding me on a different path all along.

Workshops To You allows me to plan and host events, teach, speak, be creative, meet new women…everything I love. AND I can help women host their own which I also love because workshops are a powerful way to expand your influence, meet new prospects and broadcast your expertise, just like I wrote about here.

The Second Shift

This one I wrote about a year ago and have had percolating on the back burner of my mind for closer to 18 months. I met Julie at a networking event and knew right away we had something special. I attended a home party of hers and felt like it was where I needed to be…but it wasn’t quite time yet. I’ll just tell you…it’s jewelry. I’ve hesitated to become a rep for a jewelry company partly because I love variety and I love supporting my friends with boutiques and their own jewelry lines! I even tried representing a jewelry lines a few years go but again the timing wasn’t quite right. I love jBloom because it offers so much personalization and I’m all about helping women tell their style story. Now instead of pointing them toward a cohort, I can point them toward my website or book a style appointment with them. It’s a big mindset shift for me and it feels good. I work hard at pinning and promoting others–it’s time for me to get a piece of the pie. 

You can read all about it here: jBloom Designs to Tell Your Style Story.

My new tagline for the image/style part of my offering is “Tell Your Style Story with Color + Jewelry” and I love it! 

The bottom line is, my husband and I have big dreams and a vision for a ministry and I have to stop playing small in order for us to get there.

I’m doing what I tell my ladies to do…own their greatness, use their gifts and serve with purpose and heart.

And I believe these changes will only allow me to make more of an impact and change more lives, which is what it has always been about. Stay tuned to my social media channels for more!

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