Five reasons you’re not wearing those clothes

August 6, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

You might have heard the statistic that says women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. When you know the five reasons you’re not wearing your clothes, you’re more likely to actually wear what’s in your closet.

I’ve seen it with many clients: women wear the same pieces over and over again whereas other pieces are consistently overlooked.

My goal is to help you shop on purpose, love your wardrobe and enjoy getting dressed every day.

I know you want to WEAR what you have!

One side note: we all have a few pieces that suit a specific occasion but that simply aren’t our favorite, like a cocktail dress or a trench coat. I’m not asking you to get rid of those (although ideally you would replace them with something you love!). I’m talking about your day-to-day wardrobe. 

So here are five reasons you’re not wearing those clothes…and how to wear what’s in your closet.

1. They don’t have items to pair them with.

You have an adorable denim skirt but it’s a bit fitted and requires a loose top…but you don’t have a loose top that works with denim.

Or you have a pretty blouse that needs a camisole underneath but you don’t have one in the right color.

Or you have a lot of printed tops but not very many plain bottoms to wear with them.

SOLUTION: Keep a list of “to buy” items to turn your favorite pieces into outfits.

If you’re not sure which pieces you really wear, turn your hangers backwards. Turn the hanger around when you wear the garment, then you’ll see what you wear and what you don’t.

2. They’re uncomfortable.

You’re constantly adjusting the straps, pulling it down, or fussing with the zipper.

Maybe the arm holes are too big or the pockets stick out funny.

Perhaps it’s too short, too long or too tight.

Maybe it’s itchy.

Life is too short for uncomfortable clothes!

As I often remind my clients, you will never wake up one day, go into your closet and think, “I’d really like to be uncomfortable today.”

SOLUTION: Have them altered or get rid of them.

3. They don’t suit your majority lifestyle

I admit it…I love my cute leggings but I rarely wear them. They’re soft and totally adorable but I don’t gravitate toward them on an everyday basis. They’re what I would wear to watch football from the couch on a Sunday or to a casual meeting with a friend…neither of which I do much. I feel….exposed…in leggings and I have to be in the right mood to wear them with the tops I bought to go with them. They’re great for WHEN I want to feel comfy/cozy/cute but the opportunity doesn’t arise very often.

Maybe you have similar reasons.

  • Dresses you only wear to important business meetings that only happen once/month.
  • Pretty sweaters. And you live in Phoenix.
  • Shorts you wear on vacation or to go hiking.

SOLUTION: Figure out how to wear pieces you DO love and wear frequently to replace the ones you rarely wear (ex: a simple dress you can dress up for a meeting or down for a playdate)…OR pare them down so you have them when you need them but they don’t waste space in your closet.

Ideally you would identify your three main lifestyle activities and make sure that at least 80% of your wardrobe works for those activities.

Mine would be 1. working from home/errands (casual and lounge wear) 2. weekends/church/meetings (slightly dressy casual wear–my main one) 3. events/speaking/teaching/fundraisers (dressy).

Outside of that I have a few formal dresses, a spring trench coat, a few winter items for when we head north in the winter and that’s about it.

4. They’re not the right color.

This one includes being the wrong color as well as being the wrong contrast or proportion.

For my posts on contrast, scale and proportion, visit these links:

Lesson in contrast

Lesson in scale and proportion

The big tip-off is that you just don’t feel inspired to take it out of your closet.

The color makes you look washed out, the pattern is overpowering or the print is too wild.

SOLUTION: Having a limited color palette helps ensure the colors you have suit you and your Color Code.

If you don’t know your Color Code, visit here or better yet, Discover Your Signature Color.

If you don’t feel fabulous in it, get rid of it.

5. They’re not your style.

I often advise women to forget about trying to find their particular style and just choose pieces they’ll love wearing.

SOLUTION: Explore your style, figure out which pieces you love and fill your closet with only those items.

You can also Discover Your Style with this FREE quiz.

Pinterest is a great way to explore your style and figure out what makes you feel happy.

If a piece is too casual, too sparkly or too boring, you’re probably never going to take it out of your closet.

When you address these issues and shop on purpose, you’ll actually wear what’s in your closet!

Which of these hit home for you?

5 reaons why you're not wearing what's in your closet by image consultant



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