Look put-together without sacrificing comfort

September 3, 2015

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Tabitha Dumas

This is one of the fundamentals of dressing in a way that projects the right image:

look put-together without sacrificing comfort.

You know those women who look comfortable in their own skin. They’re not squirming or shrinking back. They look and feel fabulous and it shows! 

Here’s the trick: wearing clothes that look terrific that also work with your personality and lifestyle.

Some people like tailored clothing because they like feeling their cuffs buttoned on their wrists or their jacket cinching in their waist.

Some of us would rather wear jeans and T-shirts all day if only it weren’t for the office dress code.

Let’s talk about…


Tailored/fancy/”real clothes” are clothes that have snaps, buttons, collars, lining, tailored seams and other details that #1, give a piece it’s quality and #2, often cost more money. Well-made shoes also fall into this category.

Think of

  • blazers
  • shift or sheath dresses
  • classic blouses
  • tailored dress pants

These pieces are often dry clean only (although more and more are machine washable these days).

These are also the clothes that you are itching to take off when you get home because of the aforementioned details. They also give a more tailored appearance and simply look more expensive. They’re classics and items that most wardrobes need.


In general…

  • anything with an elastic waist
  • yoga or workout clothes
  • T-shirts
  • sweats
  • flip flops or shoes made out of foam

These are clothes you wear around the house, to travel in or for days when you’re running errands.


  • Maxi dresses or skirts
  • Jeggings (jeans/leggings)
  • Dresses you can pull on over your head
  • T-shirts that are well-made
  • Knit pants and dresses
  • Flip flops that are made out of leather or other high-end materials
  • Anything that could pass for a bathing suit cover-up


Let’s be honest…maxi dresses and skirts are really just glorified pajamas.

They have no structure, no fastenings or finishings and are super comfy (thus their appeal).

Having grown up in the south, they still remind me of what you wear to the pool over your bathing suit. I don’t own any. YES, I have seen them as a part of a put-together outfit but most of the time, I see them on women who look like they simply needed something to throw on in place of going out in their pajamas (ducking out of the way of the rotten tomatoes you’re throwing).

Hear me out!

I much prefer to live in the gray area of what is cute AND comfortable. And I want YOU to live in the gray area.

Sure, you can wear the non-clothes on Saturdays and the real clothes for special occasions, speaking gigs or for meeting with clients but for most of life, the gray area is the place to be.

This is why I love LuLaRoe clothing. It’s the ultimate in comfort and so easy to wear yet looks classy and tailored. Check out what my friend Jessica did with the Cassie skirt–she paired it with a classy navy blazer and she looks fantastic! No one needs to know that the skirt also has an elastic waist and is the ultimate in comfort. 

Look put-together while feeling comfortable with the LuLaRoe Cassie skirt.

Jessica’s sister Crystal is a rep for LuLaRoe. Check out LuLaRoe by Crystal Schlicher and tell her Tabitha sent you!

Here are some tricks for living in the gray area between real and non-real clothes:

  • Wear your T-shirt and maxi skirt but pair it with a white denim jacket for structure.
  • Wear your yoga clothes but add a sparkly headband or pretty jewelry and cute shoes.
  • If you love flip flops and sandals, invest in quality so you don’t hurt your feet (or look like you’re headed for the beach).
  • Wear a comfy open cardigan over a slouchy jersey dress but add a funky belt.

Frankly, just wearing makeup will take your look from “I woke up and threw this on” to “I put in some effort today.”

The same is true of jewelry. When I work with clients, I tell them they can wear second hand or comfy clothes (I do!) as long as they accessorize. Then the attention is on your bling and not your soft-as-pajamas knit pants.

The other key is to wear your best colors. Even if you’re in sweats, wearing a hot pink top instead of a dull gray will elevate your image. If you haven’t already, Discover Your Signature Color.

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I hope these tips helps you look put-together without sacrificing comfort.

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  1. Christine Dew

    Oh, Tabitha! I LOVE this article!!! This is SO me! I am all about comfortable clothes and am grateful that my lifestyle does not require too many “real” clothes. I remember my days of working full-time in an office. The second I got home I would change into my comfy pajamas…and all was right with the world again…lol!

    • Tabitha Dumas

      Right?! Isn’t it wonderful that now cute clothes are also comfy?? 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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