How to wear animal print for your Color Code

July 8, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas
Yes, every Color Code can wear animal print!

For some, it’s better close to your face and for others, it’s best as an accent or accessory.

And, yes, animal print is a Signature Color!

Check out the Animal Print Pinterest board by clicking here.

Here are some guidelines for each Color Code.

Not sure of yours? Take advantage of my Color Analysis or Discover Your Signature Color and find out.

Animal print is incredibly neutral.

Because most animal prints contain shades of black AND brown, virtually any color will coordinate with it.

Treat it like any other neutral piece of clothing.

Ideas for wearing animal print

Animal print shoes elevate an outfit effortlessly.

See?? It even goes with blue and white checks!

An animal print purse is a beautiful accent to any outfit.

Animal print pairs especially well with red. 

So how should YOU wear animal print?

Here are some ideas according to your Color Code.


Unless you are a platinum blond, LIGHTs are low contrast so prints and outfits that are low contrast are best for you.

A low-contrast animal print is also ideal for a LIGHT. 

It’s gorgeous with gray and lavender!

This print is subtle and light.

Animal print for a LIGHT. How to wear leopard print for your Dominant Color Category by

Holly Willoughby Via

Animal print isn’t limited to black and brown.

This turquoise animal print is lovely on a LIGHT.


You guessed it, DEEP ladies can wear deep animal prints.

Pairing it with black, brown + any of your “pop” colors (purple, true red, persimmon, royal blue) is a fantastic idea. 

Black + white + animal print

DEEPs are gorgeous in zebra print as well.


My SOFT ladies are all about colors with a medium intensity and prints with medium contrast.

This brown-on-taupe print is beautiful here paired with coral, mint and jade green. 

Animal print shorts with a medium-hued green top.

This would work for a SOFT or LIGHT.

Animal print is so sweet with mint!


For my CLEAR ladies, it’s all about high contrast.

Zebra print is perfect for CLEARs.





Animal print was made for red-heads!

Look for brown variations and prints with a medium intensity. 

Beautiful blouse with turquoise accents from Silpada.

Chic look with the green blazer, perfect for a WARM.


COOLs in animal print is the most challenging because they need to wear COOL colors (no brown or beige).

But black and white prints and any animal prints with silver accents work well, especially paired with purple, pink or black.

A leopard skirt with a white blouse and denim makes for a sophisticated look. 

A simple animal print scarf is so pretty with denim and pink.

Black and white with a leopard print blouse is lovely for a COOL.

I hope these ideas help you wear animal print well!

What’s your favorite look?

How to wear animal print for your Color Code Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant



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