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January 7, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

In the new year, do you make wardrobe resolutions? While you’re thinking about things like eating healthier, spending more quality time with loved ones or maybe traveling more, think about your wardrobe, too. While lots of people are decluttering and cleaning out their closets. I am

making wardrobe resolutions.

Over time, our lifestyle changes and our body changes! It’s important to step back and reassess whether our wardrobe is still working.

Below is a post I originally wrote in early 2016 but I’ve updated it a bit. 

In years past, I have focused on decluttering my closet, organizing my closet and updating my capsule wardrobe. Later I also embraced being comfortable AND put-together.

Then after (mostly) figuring out my food sensitivities in 2015, I had to adapt to a smaller size. As soon as 2017 started and I found out I was expecting Kate, I made adjustments for maternity and postpartum (meaning lots of layers and loose tops). Read more about that here:  Maximizing your maternity wardrobe! Thankfully in the time since, I’ve been pretty stable. although I had to pivot when I found myself staying home more and almost never dressing up for meetings or church.

I’m learning that having fewer choices is actually freeing…and fun!

In 2022 I realized my wardrobe is now about 80% boutique purchases and 20% thrifted which suits me well. Just in the last few months we’ve been attending church on Sundays again after several years of attending the more casual Saturday nights service so I had to revisit my “church style.” Honestly I love the excuse to get dressed up again every Sunday and I admit that many weeks it’s the only day I do the whole outfit/accessories/makeup/hair procedure.

If you want to see my day to day (or twice/weekly-ish) style, check out my Signature Color Style Instagram here.

Here are some of the wardrobe resolutions I’ve had. Maybe some of these will spark some ideas for you.

1:: Continuing to fine-tune my capsules for spring/summer and fall/winter.

That means knowing exactly what I’m wearing over and over again, and what I never grab out of the closet. It’s also knowing

  • I like long skirts more than dresses
  • I don’t like anything with collars or tight sleeves
  • I almost never wear heels
  • jeans and a cute top could be my uniform
  • I cannot resist cute, printed tops!

In 2023 I added a deep forest green to my wardrobe!

The twice yearly Closet Outfit Planner is a HUGE help with this and you can get all the details HERE. Yours will be determined by your Color Code and will include shopping links.

It’s also smart to consider starting a capsule wardrobe.

2:: Shopping on purpose.

Knowing what I do and do not wear means that I’ll buy what I know I love and pass over the items I’ll rarely wear.

I also need to keep track of the pieces I’m missing and build my wardrobe little by little. I know I’ll need new tee shirts for the summer, for example, but I’m good on shorts and skirts because I bought them last year.

If YOU want to shop on purpose, here are tips for fall and spring.

3:: Sticking to my color palette.

My wardrobe colors have changed slightly over the years but this is the most current one.

Tabitha's wardrobe color palette--DEEP Color Code--TEAL Signature Color Experience

You can get your personalized wardrobe color palette when you get your Phoenix Color Analysis done.

This makes shopping and getting dresses so much easier! 

4:: Enjoying getting dressed.

When we moved recently, I purged and reorganized. Thankfully our new house has a wonderful master bedroom closet that I want to prettify even more to enjoy the “getting dressed” process again.

I need better jewelry storage solutions and I also need to experiment with new ways to wear the clothing and accessories I already have. Getting dressed should be fun, and when I take the time to plan my outfits, it becomes a wonderful way to start my day. Plus I can dress for the mood I want.

Do YOU need to make wardrobe resolutions? I hope some of these ideas will help.

Contact me if you’d like help with your closet or wardrobe in 2024! 

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A list I just posted on Facebook!

1. Keep my closet organized and tidy

2. Display my scarves and jewelry so I use them more

3. Stick to my wardrobe color palette when shopping

4. Shop with a list

5. Buy secondhand more

6. Start a capsule wardrobe

7. Plan my outfits the night before

8. Adopt a “uniform”

9. Get rid of items that make me feel bad about myself

10. Dress with joy every day!


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