Wardrobe Color Palette

May 12, 2022

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Do you want to know the secret of a beautiful wardrobe and looking put-together every day? It all starts with, you guessed it….COLOR!

Sometimes I Google myself to find information or pictures I’ve posted without having to go through the files on my laptop. Looking for the graphic below to share with my Instagram followers, I realized I’ve never written on the topic of a

wardrobe color palette

before, even though I reference it frequently.

What IS a wardrobe color palette?? It’s the colors you wear that help you

  • look your best
  • stay within your Color Code
  • plan outfits with ease
  • shop more strategically
  • accessorize well

Often the dilemma of “a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” can be solved this way. It’s powerful!

Typically we collect pieces in random colors and accessories in random colors and shoes in random colors and wonder why we struggle with creating outfits.

Being limited means being assured that our pieces will work together and can be accessorized easily.

When I create a wardrobe color palette with clients during a Color Analysis, we determine

  • your Color Code (which dictates your best colors but of course we can take some artistic license)
  • your best two to four neutrals
  • your best “pop” colors
  • (optional) your Signature Color

YES, your wardrobe color palette can include prints!

A case for prints: (Another list–you’re welcome)

  1. including prints gives your outfits more variety (a print top will ideally work with at least half of your neutrals, but ideally all of them!)
  2. prints hide stains and, if you’re like me, life is plenty messy
  3. print tops distract the eye from a small bust OR a large bust!
  4. prints show your personality and liven up your face

Any time I wear a printed pair of pants, I get compliments. They’re a little unexpected and they’re also stylish and FUN! 

When it comes to neutrals, I recommend the following (depending on your Color Code of course):

  • black or brown
  • white or off white
  • denim (if you wear it frequently enough. If you only wear the occasional pair of jeans to a Western party, leave denim out)
  • navy
  • taupe, tan or beige if you wear it (they’re not for everyone and I myself don’t wear them)

Of course your accent colors should coordinate well with your Signature Color to create a mix and match wardrobe.

A note on Signature Colors. Sometimes I give two (partly because I would do turquoise more in spring and summer and teal more in fall and winter–and I give my clients that flexibility, too) and sometimes I give a range like “berries” or “blues.” It’s an art, not a science. 

Here’s mine currently. I hasn’t changed much over the years. I gradually moved away from navy and brown because they complicated my wardrobe and I just don’t like them as much as the crispness of black and white. Denim is a staple for sure, especially living in a casual area like Phoenix, and being a mom and homemaker.

Tabitha Dumas wardrobe color palette DEEP Color Cod TEAL Signature Color Color Analysis

If you know me in real life or follow my social media, you know I love pretty prints!

Here’s a peek at my current capsule wardrobe!

Closet Outfit Planner Spring/Summer 27 Hangers Capsule Wardrobe Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Stripes and animal print are both quite neutral and work with a variety of colors. The floral brings all the colors together.

If you want to see how your colors work in my Signature Color Style road map, click here.

Do you know what your wardrobe color palette would be? What questions do you have?


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