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Let’s redefine the vision board

Creating a vision board can be a daunting task!!

Let’s redefine the concept of a vision board

so it’s a little less intimidating and a lot more FUN!

Happy New Year!

Have you chosen a word for 2015?

Did you make some resolutions?

Are you deciding what to focus on to make 2015 your best year yet?

Do you have a vision for where you want to be a year from now?

Let’s bring that vision to life! Let’s get together to cut pictures out of magazines and glue them to a board!!! 


{insert the sound of screeching breaks}

Who ever said that your resolution, goals and aspirations had to be on a traditional vision board??

When most people think of a vision board, they imagine the procedure of “look through magazines, choose some images you like, cut them out and glue them to a board.”

That IS still a fun and effective option, by the way!

Creating my 2014 vision board.
Creating my 2014 vision board.

BUT there are other things to consider.


Even a traditional vision board should be based on a vision statement of some kind, or a list of resolutions, goals and/or aspirations. Otherwise it’s just another nice collage.

Do you need a vision statement?

Here’s a post that will help you create your vision affirmation statement.


Choosing a word for 2015 (or a phrase….mine was “just show up” for 2014) for the year can be just as effective. Then you can either simply display that word somehow, or build your vision board around it.

My word for the year was PEACE. Choosing your word, why and how. tabithadumas.com
PEACE, my word for 2013.


As a whole-istic Image and Influence Strategist, I highly recommend that your vision includes all the facets of your life: home, work, personal, spiritual, etc. That would be one powerful board!!

Whatever your vision is, here are some reasons why you NEED a visual representation of it.

1. A vision board reminds you of those resolutions and intentions you set in January. If you’re like me, you barely remember what you had for breakfast this morning so having a visual is KEY to staying on track.

2. The vision board process (regardless of the end result, be it an actual board, one word or a display like mine below) helps you think through what you really want and fine-tune your vision.

3. Throughout the year, it gives you something to bring you back to what matters and celebrate your progress. Imagine revisiting it a year from now and realizing it had all come to fruition!

This is what I am working on…a vision SHELF!

I love that it’s tangible, in a place I’ll see every day and tweakable {I love tweaking}. It’s all there…more time for tea; Living a Life of Peace (my life goal); SHINE (my word for 2015); learning my camera and taking more pictures; doing more speaking gigs (the genie bottle); promoting and serving Gilbert, AZ; helping women with their beauty and image; being BRAVE; and growing in wisdom (the owl).

Redefine the vision board and come t my workshop! Vision board shelf. Represent your vision creatively! tabithadumas.com
My vision in real life! A shelf in my office.

Here’s mine!
Redefining the vision board
My 2015 SHINE vision board!

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Let's redefine the vision board! TABITHADUMAS.COM

Create a vision shelf! Perfect for people who are creative and like to tinker with things. TABITHADUMAS.COM

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  1. Thank you for showing the picture of your vision shelf. I can’t find anything else like in on the internet. It is so much more my style than a vision board. I can’t wait to create my own.

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