20 ways to use a kantha quilt

February 24, 2021

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Colorful…cozy…unique…and multi-functional! What’s not to love?? I can’t believe it wasn’t until my 43rd birthday that I became aware of what a kantha quilt is. When my dear friend Tiffany gave me one (and a friend celebrating a birthday at the same time), it was instant love. I was happy to learn that women in India stitch together a kantha quilt using old saris and scraps of cloth and turn them into bright, colorful works of art. You know me–I love anything colorful! The typical size would fit a twin bed so they’re perfect for so many uses.

They’re so wabi-sabi. And Hygge! Plus they’re perfect for porching.

They’re “the official blanket of the Big, Simple Life!”

I’m so excited to have an assortment of them in my Big, Simple Life Shop! Feel free to unfold them and see which one speaks to you!

NEW! Kantha teepee kits! Purchase the kit and choose the kantha quilt you want to go with it. Child and adult sizes are available.

Big Simple Life Shop Merchant Square Chandler, AZ Tabitha Dumas

The perfect place to read, dream or nap. Each kit is uniquely embellished!

20 ways to use a kantha quilt by Tabitha Dumas Big, Simple Life Shop Merchant Square

The tag explains the uses and has fun embellishments!

Big Simple Life Shop Merchant Square Chandler, AZ Tabitha Dumas

Lots of red and gold options.

Big Simple Life Shop Merchant Square Chandler, AZ Tabitha Dumas

So many beautiful patterns! And each one is double sided.

Every woman needs a few blankets or quilts in her life!

Here are 20 ways to use a kantha quilt:

  1. Cover a bed (ha!)
  2. Spread it out for a picnic (leave one in your vehicle just in case)
  3. Use it as a table cloth
  4. Hang it on the wall
  5. Leave a few outside for chilly mornings and evenings (they’re so pretty draped over chairs!)
  6. Toss one over a hammock
  7. Re-purpose it into pillows or floor cushions
  8. Frame sections into wall art
  9. Use them to make Christmas stockings
  10. Turn it into a cape or jacket
  11. Spread it over a couch
  12. Re-purpose it into a stuffed animal
  13. Use it for a beach blanket and use thinner ones as a cover-up
  14. Add a stack to a shelf or armoire for charm and color
  15. Use it as backing for a framed memo board
  16. Re-purpose it into a fabric tote bag or purse
  17. Add clips to turn it into a curtain, shower curtain or room divider
  18. Have one just for babies to play on
  19. Use it as a rug in a teepee or when glamping
  20. Treat it like a yoga mat

Bonus! Use it as a bed canopy! 

Kantha quilts, because of their unique design and their colorful nature, are also great re-purposed for

place mats

wine holder bags

woven rugs

floor cushions or poofs

table runners

Kantha quilts are available in my Big, Simple Life shop! Contact me if you’re interested in shipping. Check HERE for details.


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