Today is a special occasion

June 9, 2022

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Tabitha Dumas

Stop waiting for a special occasion to burn your candles.

The year was 1996 and for high school graduation, I bought my best friends gifts I thought they’d appreciate and enjoy.

For one of my dearest friends, I bought a set of Prescriptives candles (they use to have a counter at Dillards). There were four different scents in opaque glass jars and you could light one or any combination of two, three or four to create a unique scent.

She seemed to like them and gave them prime real estate on the top of her dresser. They looked pretty up there but as weeks and months went on, they collected dust and remained unlit. 

Every time I’d go to her house, I’d look at them and wonder, “When is she going to burn those??”

I moved in 1998–two years later–and they were still on top of her dresser, completely unused.

It was, of course, her prerogative to use them only for decorative purposes but I was disappointed that she hadn’t burned them–partly because I’d wanted to smell them and partly because it just seemed like a waste not to. Candles are meant to be burned! 

It was then that I decided to always be the type to burn my candles.

Today is a special occasion Tabitha Dumas blogger

Do you burn your candles? Of course it extends to anything we are “saving.” How many times have you saved something just for it to end up expired or ruined from lack of use?


Do you use your “good china” on a regular basis?

Do you drink out of your fragile tea cups?

Do you wear your favorite party dress on days other than New Year’s Eve?

When people give you gifts, do you use them or wear them right away?


Do the bath salts just sit on the side of the tub?

Does the red lipstick stay in the drawer?

Are the sheets with the high thread count, the fancy cookies or the gourmet coffee reserved for when company comes?

It’s taken time but I’ve gotten use to the reality of tea cups breaking, cloth napkins getting stained and having to buy more goodies and candles. Yes, things get used up–that’s living!

You deserve celebrating. Today is all we ever have.

If you’re the type to leave your candles unlit, your party dress hanging in the closet or your cookies in the “special occasion” cupboard, I challenge you to treat TODAY as the special occasion you’ve been waiting for.

What do you have sitting around that you can start using up today? Let us know in the Facebook group HERE! Let’s inspire each other!

Today IS a special day and you are worth celebrating. Light the candles!

Today is a special occasion Tabitha Dumas blogger

Today is a special occasion Tabitha Dumas blogger Wear the red lipstick!Today is a special occasion Tabitha Dumas blogger



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