To blog or not to blog–QUIZ!

March 13, 2014

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

This came from my “Blogging for Business: Interacting with Your Target Market” class back in November, 2012.

Yes, The Question is “To blog or not to blog.”

Ready for a quiz? Grab your pencil and paper.

Give yourself ONE point for each true statement:

1. I have a blog tab on my website but it’s empty

2. I’ve thought about writing e-books but don’t know where to start

3. I enjoy reading and/or commenting on blogs

4. I have an interesting hobby, pastime or passion that I could write about or share photos of online

5. I’m computer and Internet-savvy and enjoy working on the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of a business–whether mine or someone else’s

6. I feel like Facebook doesn’t quite give me enough space to say everything I have to say

7. I find that my customers ask the same questions over and over again and I often wish that I could just point them to an article I wrote

8. I want to establish myself as an expert in my field

9. I would like a place to link to from Facebook for people to read about what I’m doing, reading or working on

10. I find myself reading articles or website content and thinking, “Well, I could have written that, and probably even BETTER than they did!”

11. People often tell me, “You should start a blog.”

12. I fancy myself a writer but I don’t have a place to publish my work (or a way to see if anyone is really interested in it)

13. I have a lot of knowledge and real-life experience to share with my customers and associates

14. My business includes educating people on why they need to use me or my services

15. My business has a large social media and/or online marketing component

16. I work for a company or a person that could benefit from having a business blog

17. I have expertise or content that someone else could link to or use for THEIR blog

18. I want to grow my online community and increase my visibility

19. A large percentage of my target market reads or writes blogs

20. I have been itching to unleash my inner blogger but wasn’t sure how.

Total your points.

If you have 16-20 points, you need to start a blog immediately. You’ll probably be a ‘pro blogger,’ posting several times/week.

If you have 11-15 points, you should brainstorm your purpose and potential topics and consider starting a blog soon. You’ll probably be a ‘part-time blogger,’ posting several times/month.

If you have 6-10 points, ask around, think about it and consider starting a small-time blog. You’ll probably be an ‘occasional blogger,’ posting once/month or so. You may also just enjoy having a blog for personal use!

If you have five or less, just enjoy reading everyone else’s blogs!

If you’re still not sure how to proceed, schedule a consultation and assessment with me to come up with a plan.


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