Time To Shine

Are you feeling that inner urge to go after some old dreams, try things you’ve been wanting to try, elevate your image, embrace new opportunities, shine your inner light? Change a habit, change a mindset…maybe even change the world? Perhaps it’s time to shine.  

“Stop hiding. Start showing UP.”

That’s one of my business mottos and why I love helping women dress in a way that gets them noticed and makes them unforgettable. It’s also partly why I chose a hot air balloon for my logo.

We were made to reflect God’s glory. We are women of the light.

In fact, SHINE was my word back in 2015. My mantra was “To get new results, try new things” and WOW did I try a lot of new things!! In revisiting the 2015 re-cap post (you can read it here), I was frankly amazed at myself. It was a pivotal year and remains one of my best ever. I want a “best year EVER” for you, too! I’m also working on writing my devotional and trying to keep things simple in my business and my life….so for 2024 I’m using

Time To Shine

to focus my efforts because I want YOU to discover (or revisit) the light YOU shine in the world!

It will help guide…

  • my vision board events
  • my monthly themes
  • the book I’m working on about faith & style
  • the gatherings I offer
  • how I utilize social media

SHINING has to do with identity, self worth, inner confidence, attitudes and so much more. It’s making sure your outside matches your inside and the way you show up to your life matches your goals and calling. It’s being OK with taking up space, praying BIG prayers and stepping out in faith.

Everyone’s version of SHINE will look different and that’s what makes life exciting. It doesn’t have to be flashy or mean you have to go bigger. It all depends on your individual journey and what you feel called to do next. The best part is, we can navigate it together.

It is all FREE because I simply want to offer value without any pressure–on you or on me! So it will evolve as the year progresses and I’m excited to see where the path takes us.

It’s time for us to discover our unique gifts. Celebrate how we were uniquely created. Embrace where we need help. Stop playing small. Take steps toward greater purpose. Be seen.

I want to celebrate you and cheer you on. 

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Does Time To Shine resonate with you??

I’d love to know how I can help you SHINE in 2024!

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, sister. 


  • Choose your word
  • Create your vision board
  • Craft your Life + Style Statement

Tools for your word and vision board are HERE.

The Life + Style Statement is coming soon. 

This might be a good song for 2024. What are your suggestions??

Tabitha Dumas Time to Shine

Tabitha Dumas Time to Shine

Bible verses about LIGHT here.

Verses about letting your light shine.

Yet more about shining your light.