When it’s time to shift

August 21, 2018

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I told Facebook I was taking some time off to regroup and prioritize in August and only a few days in, I knew it was time to shift. Have you ever felt a lull when you knew something new was brewing?

A time to shift

I’ve been feeling it for a while now, not as much unease as anticipation. I’ve been holding back and not signing on to anything new. I recently streamlined Discover Your Signature Color and that’s about as much “business” as I can handle. In the meantime…

One:: I’m beginning the process of learning my dad’s paint contracting business, OnaMission Home Painting. It’s like starting a part-time job and I’ll be shadowing him on appointments, visiting the job sites, learning the bidding process and observing the ins and outs of daily operations. Eventually I’ll do some marketing and networking so if we’d make good power partners, let’s talk! We’re going to see how it goes but down the road my hubby will step in as well and we’ll work to position ourselves to take the business over when my dad is ready to retire. We’re keeping it in the family!

Two:: I want to think about offering a gathering of some kind. Of all the feedback I get, “You should start your own group” is the one I hear most often. For one thing, my life purpose statement explicitly says my purpose is bringing women together for education, collaboration and inspiration. Second, teaching and hospitality are my gifts and I’d love to utilize them more.

Maybe a mastermind, maybe a women’s Bible study or maybe just making a video of my thoughts and opening it up for a conversation.

I figure if I make it what *I* want and need, it will fill a need among my women, too.

The focus would be offering a place for personal development, where you can be yourself and grow at your own pace. When the idea was rolling around in my head, an image popped up in my Instagram feed and took my breath away.

The space that took my breath away from Eclectic Twist. When it's time to shift from Tabitha Dumas

The space that took my breath away from Eclectic Twist

The crazy thing is, she ended up commenting THEN tagging me in her next post. This is why we need each other! It’s my all-time most-liked post and I know it’s partly because the idea of kicking your shoes off and just BE-ing with a group of supportive women is appealing. We’re tired of the hustle and the striving. We need the time and space to be accepted and loved but also nudged forward. I think it’s time I provided that environment.

Three:: I need to write my book!!! Duh. It’s been on the back burner for so long!!

So, yes, things will change as my time shifts. I’ll be sidelining some of my own gigs and my free time will look different. As I learn the painting biz, I know I’ll need the time with my ladies to have space for connection and creativity! I’ll just have less time for some things and I’ll focus more on my current ladies and projects without adding anything new.

The truth is I’m not sure how this is all going to look but I know it’s time for me to build for the future and help my family more.

The only place I know for sure I’ll have time to post is in the Image and Influence Insiders Group on Facebook and if you want to see how the journey unfolds, you are welcome to join us.

Thank you for being alongside me on this journey!


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