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Things I know for sure (birthday post)

This is not a definitive list, just what springs to mind on this, my 36th birthday.

tabitha dumas november 2013
Me, November 2013.


1. God loves me unconditionally. I cannot add to nor diminish His love. How much He loves me does not depend upon how well I behave or what I do or do not do. In fact, His desire is for me to BE more and DO less. Hard for this do-er to accept but I try. He reminds me of His love every day, in large and small ways–I just have to be aware enough to see it.

2. I am blessed by an amazing family. I was born into a wonderful family and married into a wonderful family. They love me for who I am, take care of me and support my crazy schemes with virtually no drama. I also have two precious sons that adore me and that I love mothering and teaching. I do not take any of that for granted.Β 

tabitha dumas my family
Our family, celebrating my dad’s birthday.

3. I have the best husband in the whole world. He works so hard to support our family, he adores our sons and he loves me more than I deserve. (tears) He is my rock, has helped me grow in my faith tremendously and I can’t imagine my life without him. Plus he is really cute and still makes me laugh!

tabitha dumas deep royal blue i was wrong
Me and my dream guy, November 2012.

4. Moving to Arizona was one of the best decisions I ever made. I love living here and I am proud to be a Phoenician and to call Governor Brewer a friend.

5. Coming back to the east valley (and moving into my parents’ neighborhood) has been, literally, a dream come true. Gilbert is my heart’s home and living near my parents is an absolute joy. I love spending more time with my parents and doing life together!

6. I love being a part of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. The staff, the board and the members have supported and encouraged me, have put their trust in me and have allowed me to experiment and grow over the last year. I plan to stay for a very long time! I am so grateful for the people who have used my services, too, so that I can do what I love while helping them do what they do best.

Tabitha Dumas small business expo blogging class
Let Me Rephrase That booth.

7. I don’t have it all figured out and neither does anyone else. We’re all just here to support each other on our journeys. I love trying to figure my life out, and help other people figure theirs out a little, too! That’s why I blog! πŸ™‚ I am blessed that so many people extend grace to me as I grow and develop and I try to extend the same grace to others. It’s a beautiful thing!

8. I was born to write.

I will wield my pen (and my mouse) for good all of my life. I will tell my stories–and yours–to educate, encourage and inspire (and never preach).

9. I am a blessed woman, far more than I deserve.

10. Every year just keeps getting better and I know this year is no exception.Β 

I cannot wait to see what 36 holds!

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