The truth about being a solopreneur mom

February 22, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

I happen to be a solopreneur and the mother of two boys, ages ten and six. (As of 2022, I also have a preschool-age daughter at home and the boys are 16 and 13). Here’s

the truth about being a solopreneur mom.

First, let’s define what a solopreneur is.

It’s just like it sounds–an entrepreneur or business owner who works solo.

Like “100,000 Pyramid,” I give you…

“Things a solopreneur might say.”

“I’m happy never hiring staff or employees.”

“I”m driven by my own definition of success.”

“I’m a dreamer AND doer.”

“I’m a master at networking.”

“I’m ‘on’ all the time because I’m the sole representative of my business.”

“I’m a one-woman show.”

“I love what I do so much that it often feels like I work all day every day.”

“I can work from anywhere.”

“I’m passionate about letting more people know about what I do.”

Solopreneurs are also

  • crazy-passionate about what they offer
  • incredibly hard working
  • well-connected
  • visionaries
  • givers
  • busy with various volunteer projects and extracurricular activities
  • overwhelmed and exhausted (oh, wait, maybe that’s just me)

Take all of that and apply THIS:

Solopreneur mom

My sons, ages 10 and 6, December 2015

**And now this:

December 2020 with Kate, added in 2017.**

Those are my kids and my world. Being a solopreneur mom is hard.

Here’s the truth about being a solopreneur mom:

1. I have control over my schedule.

I can attend the boys’ holiday parties at school or chaperone their field trips…if I make up for it between their bedtime and mine that night.

I can also go gallivanting around town with my mom any time I want but I have to plan for it or else make up for it with a six-hour stint at the computer later in the week.

2. School breaks mean people have to come to me, we have to “meet” over the phone or I have to line up child care.

I know this is something all working moms deal with but as a solopreneur mom, this is only a reality for about 13 weeks out of the year so you just have to plan ahead for it and cope the best you can. It’s hard for my people to understand that I am just not as available while the boys are out of school.

3. School breaks also mean more time to work on and in my business.

This summer, I worked on decluttering our house and creating a new 6-part email series. You can read about my stint with the Konmari Method by clicking here.

I took the boys on a few fun road trips and we kept going to karate but other than that, most days were spent at home with me working while they hung out at home.

Beaver Creek road trip, summer of 2015

Beaver Creek road trip, summer of 2015

4. My kids come first.

I love my boys and they still enjoy being around me. Just a trip to the grocery store together is a grand adventure!

I know our life won’t always be this low key and they won’t always want so much time with me so I’m cherishing these days.

My boys are why I say “no” to a lot of projects, opportunities and even lunch or coffee dates.

I can’t participate in every networking group or volunteer on every committee. It’s not you, it’s them. 

Being a #solopreneur mom means my kids come first and sometimes I miss out.

5. I’m building for the future.

My business has not yet arrived.

I’m not making anywhere near what I made as a teacher before we started a family. That’s my goal (not six figures like some people).

I know every situation is different but for us, my husband is the breadwinner and I merely supplement our extracurricular activities and (rare) family trips. Plus my business pays for phones, internet, office supplies, etc. I don’t technically even have to “work” (I know, I am very fortunate).

Me not having a full time job with a regular pay check means that money is tight sometimes so we don’t eat out, take fancy vacations or drive new cars and I DIY as much as possible (besides also shopping secondhand and limiting my spending across the board).

A lot of families with a solopreneur mom are in a similar situation, partly because we’re making sacrifices NOW to build something big for the future.

I simply don’t have the time and resources to “go big” right now so I’m doing what I can, knowing that years into the future when the kids don’t need me as much, I’ll have built a solid foundation to grow upon.

I hope this sheds some light on the truth about being a solopreneur mom.

It can be a lonely vocation and it’s easy to feel guilty when you’re working and not with the kids, and guilty when you’re with the kids and not working (but that’s a post for another day). I encourage you to make friends with fellow solopreneurs, especially those who are on the same level as you. 

What are your thoughts on this? If you’re a solopreneur mom, what challenges do you face? Comment, or hop on over to the Facebook page.

The truth about being a solopreneur mom by mom and solopreneur


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