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I am The Scholar. May I be your mentor?

I love all things personal development and self-leadership. I use and enjoy personality profiles because it helps me understand myself better and how I relate to the people around me.

My latest discovery confirms the results from The Fascination Advantage (discover yours here)

I am The Scholar.

May I be your mentor? TabithaDumas.com The Scholar

This one comes from Jessica Honard.

I am a blogger, a writer and a story-teller and her quiz helps you discover your “copy character.” In other words, when you’re writing copy for your business, what is your unique perspective? What will connect you to your audience? What is your authentic voice? This is important for me!

Here’s my result:

“You firmly believe in the phrase ‘knowledge is power,’ and when you aren’t learning, you’re teaching.

A natural mentor, you’re genuinely excited to impart new knowledge. You’re all about depth, and understand the ins and outs of any strategy you employ in their business. When faced with new challenges, you tackle them head-on, learning on the fly. When all is said and done, there isn’t much you value more than sharing your knowledge and experiences with others.

Your copy is designed to mentor. You want to help your audience feel empowered, and you guide them every step of the way.”

You can take the “What is your copywriting character?” quiz here.

Did you see that? Since I am the scholar, I’m a natural mentor.

As much as I love writing, teaching, speaking, collaborating and facilitating…mentoring is my jam. 

My passion is empowering women!

Whether one on one or in a group setting, it’s what fuels me to keep my business moving forward.

Whether to dress more authentically, cut back on activities, overcome fear or step out in faith, I truly love seeing women pursue their purpose with confidence because I taught them something or inspired them.

I’m also all about teaching the real deal, not just platitudes and “positive thinking.” I get down to the why and how. With a degree in education, I get such a kick out of breaking things down into actionable steps.

I spend the last two months of every year planning for the year ahead and embracing the role of scholar and mentor is getting me all fired up!

I would love nothing more than to be your mentor.

I’ve been very focused on the image side of what I do…now I’m excited to step out and do more hands-on mentoring and put my teaching into action.

I can learn, then teach you…and you’ll learn and teach me, too.

May I be your mentor? TabithaDumas.com The Scholar

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