The Purposeful Closet

Getting dressed every day should be an empowering experience. Do you long for a closet full of items you love, that express your personality and tell your unique story? Does you wish your style helped elevate your image? Do you wish getting dressed was one less thing to worry about?

As your Phoenix Image Consultant, I have done color analysis on and/or assigned Signature Colors to over 1,000 women all over the world. Helping women find their best colors never gets old. Color is powerful! BUT! After they “get their colors done,” they almost always say they want to immediately 1. go shopping and/or 2. revamp their closet.

When women can shop + put outfits together simply and purposefully, it gives their entire life a boost.

From stay-at-home moms to CEOs, we show up to our lives with confidence when we feel fabulous in our clothes.

The tried-and-true system I’ve created starts with color–the ones you love to wear, that help you shine and that also send the right message (it’s based on your hair, eye and skin color, which determines your Color Code). Then we fine tune the style and vibe you want. From there we arrange your closet, dresser and accessories to create your own mini boutique. We also make sure you can put together outfits effortlessly using what you have and the seasonal Closet Outfit Planner so you enjoy getting dressed every day.

The Purposeful Closet

This is currently my only offering other than my scheduled speaking gigs, events or Color Analysis.

This three-hour appointment in your home includes:

  1. The full Signature Color Experience including the determination of your personalized wardrobe color palette (read more about the process here), $224 value
  2. Fine tuning your Signature Style Statement
  3. Wardrobe assessment and reorganization including the creation of a capsule wardrobe if desired + an inventory + creation of a shopping list
  4. Putting a week’s worth of outfits together including shoes and accessories
  5. Sprucing up your closet with organizational and decorative items to create a mini boutique experience (using what you already have. If you would like additional assistance or personal shopping, an additional appointment will be necessary)

27 Hangers Capsule Wardrobe Online Academy and the Closet Outfit Planner are all available for purchase separately.

Your wardrobe can be as big or as small as you want!

This appointment will be fast paced and FUN! Feel free to invite a friend or two.

The cost is $327 within the Phoenix east valley (Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek). I accept Paypal and Venmo as well as checks or cash. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and do a preliminary sweep of your closet ahead of time. Contact me via text to book your spot! 602.349.1129

The Purposeful Closet Tabitha Dumas