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The five colors that look good on everyone

I recently heard a young fashion expert talking to Ryan Seacrest on-air and he asked her about fashion “rules.” She said, “Forget about the rule that you can only wear certain colors, like colors for autumn or spring. You can wear any color you want to!”

Well, sure, you CAN wear whatever colors you want and like. You’re a grown-up and if wearing a certain color makes you happy, go for it!

However, most people look BETTER in colors that suit their complexion and their personality. So here are

the five colors that look good on everyone (recently updated to seven!)

First, a few notes.

1. If you are a red-head or a Warm Dominant Color Category, you’ll need to choose the warmer versions of these colors (an orange-red, a mossy green)

2. If you have silver or gray hair or are a Cool Dominant Color Category, you’ll need to choose the cooler versions of these colors (a blue-red, a royal purple) **Go to the end for your own graphic!**

Go here if you are wondering, What is my Color Code?

3. If you are neither of the above, these colors will look great on you. Just match the intensity of the color to how low-contrast or high-contrast your coloring is. In other words, if you have pale skin and light hair, a lavender purple will suit you better. If you have dark hair and darker skin, a deep purple will be smashing.

Here are the colors and they are technically all neutral colors.

Not neutral as in brown or beige…but neutral as in they are neither warm nor cool.

If they start to be slightly more red/orange (warm) or blue/green (cool), they’re not neutral anymore.

You can wear gold or silver jewelry with any of these colors and pair them with almost all of your neutrals.


I love to put men in purple shirts, especially if they are gray or going gray. It’s not the traditional blue that so many men wear and can perk up a pale OR tan complexion quite nicely. For women, purple goes beautifully with white, black, denim or gray and looks regal and sophisticated.

Purple is one of the five colors that look good on everyone! from tabithadumas.com

The Five Colors That Look Good On Everyone purple Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone Purple Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Emerald Green

Green is fresh and energizing without being overly bold. Try green with navy blue or gray. A green scarf or green jewelry really jazzes up a plain outfit.

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone Emerald Green Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Green is one of the five colors that look good on everyone! from tabithadumas.com

True Red

It’s hard to find a red without orange or blue undertones but a neutral red is a power color and an instant confidence booster. I recommend that every woman owns a red wrap or shawl because it works for the holidays, Valentine’s Day and goes great with your little black dress.

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone Red Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

red is one of the five colors that look good on everyone! from tabithadumas.com

Hot Pink or Fuchsia

A fun and sassy color, hot pink brightens virtually any complexion. A hot pink blouse is an unexpected addition to your professional wardrobe and if you’re more the type to wear athletic clothes, hot pink is so much better than gray or black.

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone Hot Pink Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Hot pink is one of the five colors that look good on everyone! from tabithadumas.com


Turquoise looks just as good with white shorts in the summer as it does with gray slacks in the winter. Not too fun and not too serious, it also happens to be MY Signature Color!

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone Turquoise Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Turquoise is one of the five colors that look good on everyone! from tabithadumas.com

TEAL is also very flattering on most skin tones! I especially love it for Deep and Soft Color Codes.

Teal is a color that looks good on everyone. Teal Signature Color

~~NEW!~~ I’m now re-thinking hot pink and thinking royal blue is a better universally flattering color! What do you think??

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone ROYAL BLUE Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

And those are the five SEVEN colors that look good on everyone!

~~NEW!~~ It was pointed out to me that I had under-represented the COOL Color Code so I created this graphic just for you! (That’s my mom in the purple!) Of the seven, my favorites for my COOL ladies are these: red, purple, royal blue, fuchsia and teal (or turquoise). The only one that’s tricky for COOL is emerald green because it can be a bit warm. I hope that helps!

The five colors that look good on everyone! -tabithadumas.com color expert and image consultant cool edition

If you’d like to know your Signature Color…

read more here. Finding out your Signature Color is just $97!

Do you have these colors in your wardrobe? Which color would you like to try?

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NEW! The seven colors that look good on everyone! -tabithadumas.com color expert and image consultant

The five colors that look good on everyone! -tabithadumas.com color expert and image consultant

The five colors that look good on everyone! -tabithadumas.com color expert and image consultant

Me in teal as a DEEP Color Code!

Teal is a color that looks good on everyone. Teal Signature Color

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13 thoughts on “The five colors that look good on everyone

  1. O my God. Do not agree with you
    all types can wear all colors.
    I can not.
    Purple. My natural colors are very much
    as the woman’s in the middle.
    White skin. Reddish hair.
    Am a Warm. That bright top would
    totally overpower me..
    Thought that was a typical color
    for Clear Winter.
    Best purple for me is the one om the left.
    It looks medium enough, still a pretty obvious
    rich pigment.
    Emeraldgreen. Have not found any that suits me.
    All seem to be bluish. But can wear medium cleargreen.
    Fuchsia and hot pink are way to strong.
    Red yes. Love it.
    Turquoise. Must adapt to my natural coloring.
    Clear turqs would be too bright. Must choose
    softened versions.

    1. Hi there!! Thanks for your feedback! This post is certainly not an “all women can wear all colors” post, as I stated in the beginning. If you are a WARM, they are definitely among the hardest to find colors for! And there are so few Pinterest images to pull from as good examples. I did the best I could ๐Ÿ™‚ There are so many variations among the six categories, this post is a general guideline for MOST women. So many talk to me about these colors and wonder why I don’t recommend them for their category–it’s because they’re “neutral” and look good on lots of different people! Still, within each category, there are the colors that USUALLY look BEST. Unfortunately, this is not an exact science. It sounds like you know what colors work for you, though! And, the hardest part is that shopping for specific colors is a challenge! I’m just trying to help woman have a place to start.

  2. Hi Tabitha!
    Sorry, but I really can’t agree with you on these colour choices. I second purple (maybe a less lavender and more mid-toned violet shade, though), but true red and fuchsia are way too harsh for a lot of people, and turquoise is deffinitely a warm colour. I have a pretty neutral colouring, but most of these look horrible on me. The colours I noticed look good on most people are navy, which can be a good basic, violet, as I mentioned, and teal. What do you think?

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Color is certainly an art AND a science. I get asked frequently about “no brainer colors” from people who want to know what works on MOST people well. MOST of the women I work with are quite neutral–not silver-haired or red-headed–so they look fabulous in the colors I mentioned. Once you get into VERY dark hair, VERY olive vs. pink skin or VERY light hair, certain colors definitely don’t work as well. Turquoise is a definite favorite and I see it as more cool than warm, actually. The color of a cool ocean! Teal can be too deep for some people and violet too light. I give teal to my DEEP ladies and violet to my SOFTs. Navy is my favorite neutral–it looks good on almost everyone, including the red-heads and silver-heads! I don’t assign it as a Signature Color, though, because I consider it a neutral, not a “pop” color. My most popular Signature Colors are actually purple (I tell them whether a deeper or lighter shade is best), turquoise or teal, royal blue and green.

  3. Great topic. I get that Pantone creates seasonal color demand, which fuels the apparel market’s sales, but there comes a time in your adult female life, that you get away from fashion, and adopt your own personal style.. I am a petite brunette, 34D and a size 3/4. I love turquoise, orange based colors, purple, and some yellow on me. I like to have a rainbow of choices, and my summer long linen skirts fit the bill. I am married to no color choices. I use to think my orange was too loud, but I saw Jane Fonda in a great orange/white print summer blouse, and now I’m wearing it with pride. Goodbye rules! I use to be a tan & white gal, and now I express my inner desire to be happy.

    1. Finding your personal style and creating your own rules is KEY! Sometimes I teach concepts that give a foundation so they can go create what they love and that makes me happy!! I’m sure you look fantastic but the best part is, you feel amazing!

  4. Interesting that the title is “Five Colors that Look Good on Everyone” but every single picture featured is of a Caucasian women. It would be great to feature women of all complexions in the article.

    1. Thank you for that feedback, I truly do appreciate it. It’s actually a challenge to find women of color wearing solid colors, and the RIGHT colors for their code, for me to use the images. I will try more diligently to include their beautiful faces, and enlist some friends to see if I could take their picture in their best colors!!

    2. Hello again! Based on your feedback I spent the day scouring Pinterest and updated all of my graphics to reflect a wider range of skin tones. I was impressed that there seem to be more options now on Pinterest and I hope to add even more in the future. Thanks again for commenting!

  5. I am very pale with dark (almost black) hair and green eyes.
    I used to wear mostly black (because it was easiest and always looked out together) but have discovered through trial and error that I also look good in very vibrant jewel tones and bright yellows…and yes fuchsia…but no to blues.
    I can’t wear pastels or white. They completely wash me out.

    1. Do you think you are a CLEAR Color Code?? If so, it makes sense that the vibrant jewel tones work well. No pastels or white sounds right to me! I’m glad you are figuring out what works!

  6. I have gray and white hair, hazel (sometimes green) eyes, but yellow undertones in my skin. What category would I be in??

    1. Hi there! Great question! If your hair is more white, you would be closer to LIGHT. If you have more silver/gray, you would be closer to COOL. If you are a warmer cool, you could do cooler colors like greens and oranges as opposed to true COOL gals who have to stick to true Cool colors like blue and pink. You can probably embrace purple too! Feel free to email me a picture and I’ll take a look! tabitha@tabithadumas.com

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