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What I’m thankful for

It’s the week of Thanksgiving so I thought I’d write about

what I’m thankful for.

Number one is my faith. My walk with the Lord defines and informs everything I do and His presence in my everyday life makes it a grand adventure and gives me the courage to keep going. Anything good you see in me is Him.

Family is next. Besides a loving and committed husband, THREE amazing kiddos (I’m still getting use to the idea of being a mother of three!) and my parents who lives half a mile away, I have extended family in Phoenix, New Mexico, Florida and beyond, in-laws, and friends who became family who support and put up with me. I’m thankful for my mama in particular for helping me out with everything from transporting the boys to cooking me meals to coming along on my exploits.

Our crew in 2015.

What I'm thankful for

Friends come third. I am surrounded by loving, creative, encouraging and FUN friends who support me, keep me humble, come to my events and hold me up in prayer.

I’ll put community fourth. My husband and I are active in the community and also have a wonderful church family at Central Christian. Life wouldn’t be the same without the friends we’ve made “out there.” We also love the small business owners, artists and makers we’ve met along the way. They make life so rich!

Fifth is my readers, clients, customers and cohorts. Whether you read and never comment or we’re close friends in real life, if you read my words, take advantage of my services, interact with my content, attend my events or support my little business in any way, I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU. I do all of this to empower, inspire and encourage women and it means the world to me to know it helps someone. If you’re someone who refers people to me, shares my blog posts or purchases from me, I am especially grateful. It’s what helps me keep going!

The connections I’ve made with the people in my circle of influence is one of the greatest blessings of my lifetime. Thank you for your kindness, support and love.

Last I could list a million things from the roses blooming in my front yard to the clothes in my closet to the selection of teas on my kitchen counter. I have a life overflowing with abundance and I try my best to walk worthy of that–and share it with you as much as possible!

I have so much to be thankful for and I try to take none of it for granted. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Stay tuned for my plans for 2018! I hope you’ll be a part.

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