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Tea To You by Tabitha Dumas

Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door

It was a concept born from a December years ago when a friend mentioned to me that what she really wanted for Christmas was simply time together. She’d had a rough year and I wanted to do something nice for her.

Don’t we all need a little TLC and quality time with a friend now and then?

I remembered many years prior when I was nearly full term with our second child and a dear lady from church brought an entire tea party to my house including food, tea cups, a lace tablecloth–the works. We had the loveliest time and it was such a thoughtful and kind gesture and a welcome reprieve. Thus was born…

Tea To You

a tea party in a basket!

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I’ve done it over a dozen times since and thought I’d share a few how-tos in case someone else wanted to give it a shot. I will tell you, my friends often say it was a major highlight of their holiday season!

What to pack:

  • two tea cups and saucers or two tea-for-one sets
  • tea pot
  • two plates
  • tea (either loose with strainers or a selection of tea bags)
  • fixins (a few types of sugar plus their cream of choice, or they can supply their preference)
  • spoons for tea
  • spoons or tongs for serving the food if needed (finger foods are preferable)
  • linen or festive paper napkins
  • table cloth
  • serving plates or bowls


  • summer sausage
  • sliced cheese
  • mustard
  • grapes or other fruit or dried fruit
  • mixed nuts
  • chocolate
  • cookies or scones

If you’re doing several back to back you can probably do mini sandwiches and scones, etc. I try to stick to foods I can buy a lot of and just re-fill my basket multiple times over a few days. Remember to keep it simple.

I’ve also done pirouettes and chocolate-dipped strawberries.


  • A pretty picnic basket or other easily portable container helps.
  • Ask ahead about food allergies especially gluten, dairy and nuts.
  • Wrap the tea cups and tea pot in the cloth napkins for transport.
  • Pre-cut cheese and sausage and pre-wash the grapes. Do anything you can ahead of time so when you arrive all you have to do is set everything out.
  • Plan to make an entire pot of tea or bring individual tea bags to choose from.
  • Let your hostess know all you need is hot water and a place to set out your spread.
  • This is a great chance to use up the fun candies and cookies people give you!
  • Consider gifting your host her tea cup and saucer. It will be a sweet memento of your time together.
  • Consider leaving her with a few extra bags of tea or an entire box as well as some chocolates or cookies so she can have her own mini tea party another day.

Let me know if you have questions! Tabitha Dumas (602) 349-1129

NEW for 2020! Tea To You For Hire

You decide how involved you need me to be. I can drop off the place settings and/or food or host your entire event. At your venue or home in the Phoenix east valley. Additional charge for more guests or a custom menu. Contact me for my favorite local venues.

Tea To You with Tabitha Dumas. The tea party that comes to your door!

Photos from a recent tea party for 35 residents of a local senior citizen apartment complex. I supplied the tea cups and saucers, tea pots, cream and sugar sets and tiered stands. I also assisted with set-up, decorating, food and clean-up.

Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
Our team of helpers!
Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
Easy decorations to jazz up the space.
Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
A close-up of my two-tier tray, sweets on top and sandwiches on bottom.
Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
A look down one of the tables. There was a Bingo game, pearls they could wear, tiny hat clips, their tea selection, cream and sugar, milk, honey…the works! I’ll help you make sure you have everything you need.
Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
Parfaits, sandwich options and dessert.
Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
One of our guests!
Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
My silver three-tiered stand and my poppy tea cup.
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