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My new series: “What does it mean??”

I’ve been meaning to start this series since 2016 called What does it mean? If you don’t already…you’ll love this guy. “A full-on double rainbow all the way across the sky!!” Pure glee, people. Please tell me you’ve seen this video! My favorite line is, “What does this mean??” In the midst of pure ecstasy, he can’t help but wonder…

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My 2019 One Word is TOGETHER

I laid it all out on note cards. Every area of my life. God Drew Kids Family Me Wellness Home Beauty Volunteering Ministry My Business then I wrote down what I wanted to focus on within each category. More time spent together with God. Family time together: cooking, being active, learning, serving. Doing life with other women and inviting them…

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How to host a vision board party

With all the talk I’ve done about choosing a word or mantra for the new year and then displaying it, I’ve never actually given a tutorial on how to host a vision board party so here it is. { if you are in the Phoenix valley or surrounding area and would like for ME to bring the vision board party…

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