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Living a big simple life

I found a problem years ago. My big life was costing me relationships and my health. But when I cut back, I found that my influence dwindled and my happiness waned. How do you live your dreams without being too stressed out to enjoy it?? I want to help people, cultivate relationships, volunteer within my community, teach, and empower women…

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Why are we afraid to believe big?

The question, why are we afraid to believe big? has been a recurring theme in my life for a while now. I’m convinced that our stories of Kate’s pregnancy (it took four years of trying plus, well, an entire lifetime of wanting a daughter), her sweetย gender reveal and her blessedย arrival were orchestrated by God to inspire people to believe again…

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Meet Kate Annelise!

It turns out, I wasn’t, in fact, the first woman to be pregnant forever! Meet Kate Annelise Our precious daughter graced us with her presence on Tuesday, September 26th at 1:23 pm. She weighed in at a teeny 6 lbs 10 oz and measured 20.5″ long. ***Check out Kate’s one week update and two week updateย on my GodKnits.com site*** The…

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My Journey

I’m still pregnant

***UPDATE: Kate arrived on Tuesday, September 26th! Click here to —>ย Meet Kate Annelise!*** It’s Saturday morning, September 16th, and the house is quiet. I can’t sleep past about 8:00am these days, partly because I can’t stay awake past 11:00pm and partly because I’m just so excited. Every day is like Christmas Eve when you wonder if the next day is…

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