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The best me time

Lately I’ve been thinking about the best me time. At this point, everyone knows about the importance of me time and self care, right? (I wrote about self care here.) “I have to take care of me to take care of others,” “I can’t pour from an empty cup,” etc. etc. (We also know the importance of regular flossing and…

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Summer must haves

School is out and my folks’ pool is open so it’s time to start thinking about summer must haves here in Phoenix. If you’re like me, summer snuck up pretty fast! Summer must haves A great bag You need a big ol’ tote bag that can hold pool and beach gear. I love thirty-one bags and this striped number is…

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Elevate Your Image

Makeup recommendations for your Color Code

I offer makeup recommendations for your Color Code because women who wear makeup are seen as more professional, put-together and as having an attention to detail. The women I talk to report that they feel more confident when they wear makeup. And if you’re going to make the effort to put makeup on, you want it to be the right…

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Expand Your Influence

Designing your day

Have you ever thought about designing your day? I first read about it here. If someone is living a lifestyle you admire, I can guarantee they live a thoughtfully designed life. Whether they are living their passion, traveling around the world, entertaining in a beautiful home, writing and speaking…it’s not happening by accident. It’s possible they’re a total schlep (Yiddish…

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