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You need a New Year MakeUpdate!

Do you need a little pick-me-up this winter? Are you bored with your current skin care and makeup routine? Do you want to freshen up your look? Or do you just need to get A LOOK??Β  You need a New Year MakeUpdate! It only takes an hour. You’re going to come to my home studio, enjoy a cup of coffee…

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Tab's Tips for preparing for holiday guests
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Tab’s Tips for Starting Your Week Off Right

It’s 12:00 noon on Sunday at my house and I’m gearing up for another busy week. I’m about toΒ start preparing for our last full week of school plus a typical week of work meetings, family obligations and appointments along with hosting my mother-in-law from out of town and a baby shower this weekend. Sound familiar? Whatever your week holds, here…

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Expand Your Influence

They’re not thinking about you

As women (humans, really), we often obsess about how other people perceive us. I’ve got great news… they’re not thinking about you. THE STORY I got a text this morning: “Hi, Tabitha, this is so-and-so! I hope to see you today at 3:00 if that still works for you!” Three problems: I met this women over a year ago I…

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