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What’s your next step?

Do you have a goal that seems a bit out of reach? Is there a project you can’t seem to get started on? Have you been thinking about hosting an event or teaching a workshop but all the details overwhelm you? Does your spiritual life need a shot in the arm? Or do you have a nagging feeling that you…

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Expand Your Influence, Faith, My Journey

When it’s time to shift

I told Facebook I was taking some time off to regroup and prioritize in August and only a few days in, I knew it was time to shift. Have you ever felt a lull when you knew something new was brewing? A time to shift I’ve been feeling it for a while now, not as much unease as anticipation. I’ve…

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Home, Tab's Tips

Tab’s Tips for staging your home to sell

Staging your home to sell is critically important to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. We built a new home in Avondale, Arizona in our second year of marriage in 2003 and lived in it until we had to sell in 2010 to relocate across the valley. I was the girl who decorated my bedroom as a preschooler,…

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Elevate Your Image, Tab's Tips

Tab’s Tips for what to buy at Goodwill

If you’re new to Goodwill shopping, or thrifting or secondhand shopping in general, this post about what to buy at Goodwill is for you. Goodwill shopping, like a lot of shopping, is hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll leave with nothing and other times you’ll leave with a cart full. We call the latter “hitting the jackpot.” That means it’s a…

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