What to do on the day after Christmas. Do whatever you want day! Tabitha Dumas blogger
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The day after Christmas: Do Whatever You Want Day

The Do Whatever You Want Day tradition on the day after Christmas started on a year when we were particularly stressed after pulling off the magical feat of Christmas Day with little kids and extended family. I don’t know about you but one of my best night’s of sleep all year is on the night of December 25th when my…

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My ten minute busy mom makeup routine using Maskcara and Mary Kay products from Tabitha Dumas Image Consultat featuring Jennifer Hoffman Maskcara and Amy Brines Mary Kay
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My ten minute busy mom makeup routine

Call me shallow but when I’m not wearing makeup, I lack my usual confidence. If I run out of the house bare faced, I don’t talk to people as much and I’m not nearly as out going. Granted my “makeup” isn’t just a little swipe of concealer and a little mascara and lip balm. Since I hit puberty and my…

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