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Find your Signature Color with Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

As a person with any ambition at all, you MUST stand out from the crowd. Successful people are memorable people and having a signature color makes you unforgettable! But maybe you’ve wondered how to find your Signature Color. Let’s start with why it’s important. Whether you represent a pest control company or are a Realtor, a direct sales rep or a…

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My Journey

Services and website refresh

Every so often I like to freshen up my website, add new images, take out old services and streamline things! It was time for a services and website refresh. My home page looks different! Check it out HERE. I also simplified my services page (it was called Work With Me). Check it out HERE. It happens that we just got…

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Elevate Your Image

Adopting a uniform

Have you ever thought it would be wildly freeing to be required to wear a uniform to work? Have you ever realized there’s a favorite outfit you love to wear and, gosh, you could wear it every day and not mind?? Have you ever admired someone who wears the same outfit formula day after day and wondered if you could…

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