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The Seven Colors That Look Good on Everyone from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

The Five Colors That Look Good on Everyone has been one of my all-time most popular posts…but I kept adding colors as I worked with more women and now it’s up to SEVEN! It is incredibly challenging to find pictures of women wearing solid colors LET ALONE the right color and especially who aren’t white, blonde and 20-something. I have…

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Find your Signature Color with Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

As a person with any ambition at all, you MUST stand out from the crowd. Successful people are memorable people and having a signature color makes you unforgettable! But maybe you’ve wondered how to find your Signature Color. Let’s start with why it’s important.Β Whether you represent a pest control company or are a Realtor, a direct sales rep or a…

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