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Gift basket and grown-up Easter basket ideas

Who doesn’t love a gift basket?? Gift baskets are so fun to put together! Some are obvious like for Christmas, a wedding gift, a bridal or baby shower or a house warming. But think of all the other possibilities! pet lover gardener movie night road trip date night sporting event spa night girls’ weekend kids’ slumber party camping summer break end…

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Do you need to limit yourself?

“Wait…shouldn’t I be reaching for the stars, “going big” and living outside of my comfort zone?? Why would I need to limit myself?” I’m glad you asked. If you are someone living an out there life and hoping to accomplish BIG THINGS, the need to limit yourself is even greater. I ask you… do you need to limit yourself? Let…

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Tea to you by Tabitha Dumas tea parties to your door
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Tea To You by Tabitha Dumas

It was a concept born from a December years ago when a friend mentioned to me that what she really wanted for Christmas was simply time together. She’d had a rough year and I wanted to do something nice for her. Don’t we all need a little TLC and quality time with a friend now and then? I remembered many…

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