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Two keys to being more productive

Having a baby sure puts a damper on being more productive. Even so, I’m managing things pretty well and now that Kate is more easily entertained, I can get back to things like cooking, baking and crafting (or anything else you can’t do with a baby in your arms). As a woman all about aesthetics, color and beauty, I’ve learned…

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New Year Refresh

Are you in the mood for a new year refresh? For me, it feels like summer ends in Phoenix around mid November then it’s just a quick downhill slide into the new year. Throw in Thanksgiving and the holidays and fall practically disappears. By the time the calendar changes, I’m so ready to be lighter, brighter and more focused. So…

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How to host a vision board party

With all the talk I’ve done about choosing a word or mantra for the new year and then displaying it, I’ve never actually given a tutorial on how to host a vision board party so here it is. { if you are in the Phoenix valley or surrounding area and would like for ME to bring the vision board party…

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Exploring my style

I’m focusing more on whole-istic living and the Faith | Life | Style total package, which boils down to knowing yourself, being yourself and resting in that. I often revisit my style because, like much of life, it is ever evolving. How well do you know yourself? Do you think much about your preferences and tastes? Do you know what…

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Your space: create a reading nook

Our next “create a beautiful life” installment is to create a reading nook. Fall and winter are especially lovely seasons to curl up with a hot cup of cider, tea or coffee and a good book (or for me, a magazine). Like the coffee and tea station we talked about last week (find it here), you can probably create a…

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