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Leveling up

I actually wrote about this topic almost four years ago at a similar crossroads and the answer was no, I wasn’t ready to take it to the next level. Click over and read it if you’re thinking about leveling up your own business or venture. It’s pretty good! Up until recently, I was interested in simply maximizing the level I…

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Do you need to limit yourself?

“Wait…shouldn’t I be reaching for the stars, “going big” and living outside of my comfort zone?? Why would I need to limit myself?” I’m glad you asked. If you are someone living an out there life and hoping to accomplish BIG THINGS, the need to limit yourself is even greater. I ask you… do you need to limit yourself? Let…

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Expand Your Influence

If you had to start fresh

A couple months ago I had the heart-stopping experience of my entire website disappearing for a period of several days. It was a silly mistake with my hosting company and it was eventually rectified but within those few days, it felt like my child was in the ICU and all I could do was sit by and wait. Years of…

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