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The five colors that look good on everyone

I recently heard a young fashion expert talking to Ryan Seacrest on-air and he asked her about fashion “rules.” She said, “Forget about the rule that you can only wear certain colors, like colors for autumn or spring. You can wear any color you want to!” Well, sure, you CAN wear whatever colors you want and like. You’re a grown-up…

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Elevate Your Image

Look put-together without sacrificing comfort

This is one of the fundamentals of dressing in a way that projects the right image: look put-together without sacrificing comfort. You know those women who look comfortable in their own skin. They’re not squirming or shrinking back. They look and feel fabulous and it shows!  Here’s the trick: wearing clothes that look terrific that also work with your personality and…

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Change your hair, change your trajectory

Image matters! Your outsides should match your insides. The concept is true… change your hair, change your trajectory. The way you look should send a message about your values, your lifestyle and your personality. I love this article from The Stacey Harris on the Huffington Post about how pink hair changed her business. She did something she never thought she’d be…

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