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Meet my cohorts!

I met April when I taught a Pinterest workshop for NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) earlier this year. April is a person I would refer to as “my ideal client.” Besides being adorable, fun-loving and really easy to work with, she’s also a (new) wife, mom and talented professional organizer. When we met, April was just about to…

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I got help!!

One of my mantras is “Celebrate what you’re good at and get help when you need it.” I freely admit that I still struggle with asking for help. I’ve already talked about Why You Need to Start Asking for Help and Practical Ways to Practice Asking for Help. The fact is… No one can “do it all” and when we…

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My Facebook rant

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook so this is my Facebook rant. It is common for people to say to me, “I love reading your Facebook posts.” Hearing that makes me happy. I am (hopefully) consistent on being positive and upbeat inspiring authentic and uncontroversial. I determined many years ago that my purpose on Facebook was to be a…

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