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Love your wardrobe! Part 1: Tab’s Tips for decluttering your closet

One of my 2015 mantras is “Stop organizing your clutter!”

Stop containerizing, sorting and moving around your STUFF and simply have less STUFF to manage! (Am I the only one who’s ready to shed my role as “Stuff Manager??”)

Your wardrobe is no different.

We’ve all heard that women tend to wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. You’re drawn to certain pieces and consistently overlook others, so why not pare down to the items you LOVE to wear and donate or sell the rest??

In that spirit, here are

Tab’s Tips for decluttering your closet

1. Know Your Why.

You need a reason to go to all this trouble without just looking for “motivation.”

Maybe you want a promotion at work, an easier time getting dressed in the morning or to celebrate a recent weight loss. Let that fuel your efforts.

2. Get inspired. 

Revisit your style. Pull out your favorite outfit and remember how amazing you feel when you wear it. You should feel like that every day! What do you love about it? The fabric? The color? The fit? Remember that as you go along.

If you don’t already have a “My Style” Pinterest board, start one. You can even keep it private! But it’s really useful to know what looks you like. Make sure you caption your pins so you remember what you liked about an outfit or look.

Here’s my “My Style” Pinterest board:

Follow TabithaDumas.com’s board Tab:: my style on Pinterest.

3. Ruthlessly declutter

I’ve been on a decluttering rampage this year.

It feels so good to CLEAR SPACE and get rid of stuff! Decluttering means LESS to organize and having MORE space for the items you love.

Get yourself three laundry baskets or boxes and label them

  1. consign
  2. store
  3. donate (or trash)

NOW! Look at EVERY piece of clothing and

Ask yourself: 

  • Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
  • Does it fit and flatter me?
  • Do I enjoy wearing it?

and maybe my favorite…

  • If I saw it in a store today, would I buy it?

If it’s something you need to keep but aren’t wearing on a regular basis (a formal gown, a coat), put it in the “store” basket.

If it’s a piece that can stay according to the above criteria but that you don’t have anything to wear WITH it, put it back but in a separate section. We’ll talk about what to do with that in my next post about organizing your closet.

If you answer NO to the above, decide whether it’s a piece that you can consign (it’s a designer label and/or in great shape) or donate and place it in the appropriate basket.

Everything else goes back. Stay tuned for tips on organizing the rest of it coming up next.

Questions to ask when decluttering your wardrobe_

4. Give your cast-offs a good home. Consign or donate your clothes.

Here are some great options:

My favorite consignment store is My Sister’s Closet here in the Phoenix valley. Get consignment information here.

You can donate your professional attire to Dress for Success.

The Clothes Cabin located in Chandler on Alma School and Ray is always looking for donations.

You might consider organizing a clothing swap with your girlfriends!

Charities will often pick up your clothes.

5. Do the same procedure for your dresser including your pajamas, work out clothes, under garments and socks.

Get rid of what you’re not wearing! You don’t need “back up pajamas” or 15 pairs of slipper socks.

6. Do the same procedure for your jewelry, belts, scarves and other accessories.

You’ll be surprised at how much space you can free up!

Remember…it’s not about what you can get rid of…it’s about making your favorites easier to see, wear and enjoy!

I dare you to do this once then go back a day or two later and see what you can get rid of on the second swoop!

Let me know how it goes!

If you need more help, plus extra tips on shopping on purpose and putting outfits together, purchase my Love Your Wardrobe ebook!

To check out my Love Your Wardrobe ebook, click here.

Love your wardrobe! ebook and email series Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Also visit my “Wardrobe Organization” Pinterest board:

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Tab's Tips for decluttering your closet TODAY! From Image and Influence Strategist Tabitha Dumas


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