Tab’s Tips for Hosting a Fall Crafternoon

September 24, 2014

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Tabitha Dumas

“What is a Crafternoon?” you ask? “And how do I host one of my own?” you wonder? Here are

Tab’s Tips for hosting a fall crafternoon.

I believe Maura Madden of coined the term with her Crafternoon book in 2008 and it’s simple: an afternoon of crafting.

From the book:

“Crafternoon speaks to that space inside all of us that wants to make things and share the things we make with those we love.”

“Crafternoon is all about being around friends who support your work, who encourage your growing craftiness, and who inspire and get inspired by you.”

“At a Crafternoon, you are a CraftStar.”

To me, it also involves a seasonal project….and refreshments.

If you can’t convince a crafty friend to host a Crafternoon, you’ll have to pull one off yourself. Here’s how.

  • Choose a holiday, theme or season to guide your planning.

My most recent one was a “Fall Food & Friendship Crafternoon.”

The possibilities are vast but it’s fun to narrow it down so you can plan.

  • Choose a project.

Choosing a project keeps everyone focused and helps you prepare materials.

Ours was tags and cards for our friends and neighbors, primarily for “thinking of you” or to attach to something homemade.

As you’ll see, mine was a “tag and cards” project but you can sew, paint, make clay ornaments…anything! Do something you enjoy and that you have supplies for, and something people will be happy to take home.

Mason jar fall card! Tab's Tips for hosting a fall crafternoon on

  • Invite people.

Creative people, artists, crafters or self-proclaimed non-crafters alike will enjoy a Crafternoon. Women of all ages, too!

There’s always story-telling, laughter and lots of ideas being thrown around. It’s fun to invite a specific group of friends (like my Life Group ladies, your neighbors, your Bunco girls) but having a mix of friends from all different parts of your life is fun, too.

I printed these out, stuck a fall leaf embellishment on one corner and passed them out.

Fall Food & Friendship CRAFTERNOON!

Tabitha’s house

Tuesday, September 23rd right after Life Group

Let’s create a stockpile of cards and tags to use to bless our friends and neighbors!

A light lunch plus beverages and snacks will be served.

Supplies will be provided but feel free to bring along paper, embellishments, ribbon, scissors, etc.

Call Tabitha if you have questions! 602.349.1129

Something more elaborate–or just an email–would also do the job.

  • Decide on food. 

A good hostess tells people what to expect for food and drink. Nowadays you should ask about food allergies and preferences, too. I forgot to find out if the chicken salad I served was gluten free and regretted it.

fall table set for luncheon

I held mine immediately following my weekly Life Group that goes from 9:30 to 11:30 so I knew we’d all be hungry. I served a light lunch of chicken salad on lettuce with croissants, grapes and gluten-free brownies for dessert. Something simple means less work for you but ensures that everyone has enough fuel to “get their craft on.”

Women often like to snack and sip while they craft so I’ve served iced coffee drinks and muffins before, or I’ve just put out trail mix and candy for snacking.

  • Gather supplies.

I made sure to have out my fall stamps and punches (owls, leaves, birds, trees) and fall-colored paper plus I got a new stamp of a knife and fork for those who wanted tags to attach to their homemade goodies.

Bring out your decorative scissors, punches, stickers, random ribbon scraps and plenty of glue for people to use.

Tab's Tips for a fall crafternoon! Gather supplies beforehand, choose a project, food and more ideas on

Display a few samples of what you’ll be working on to get the creative juices flowing. I suggest putting out a set of supplies for each guest plus supplies to share in the middle of your table.

Which brings us to…

  • Designate a work space and prep the area.

We sat around the dining room project table (a dining room table I snagged from a friend) in my home office/studio/craft room. We had plenty of space to work and spread out.

Depending on your project, make sure to have scratch paper for people to try out pens and stamps as well as plenty of garbage cans around. I also keep baby wipes handy for cleaning rubber stamps.

Think about lighting and ambiance, too. I had my tart burner with an apple cinnamon scent going and made sure to plug in my natural light lamp so we could see the paper colors better.

Once all that is done, all you have to do is enjoy yourselves!

It’s fun to see what everyone makes. Plus women inspire each other and love to “ooo and “aah” over what everyone else is creating!

You might want to provide something for people to take their projects home in, too. 

I hope you’ll host a fall Crafternoon!

You’ll be so glad you did and your guests will really appreciate it!

Holler if you have questions and let us know how it goes on the Facebook page.

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