Tabitha from Acts 9:36

July 27, 2021

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Tabitha Dumas

She is my namesake (and the reason I’m not named Lauren) but as a kid, the most I knew about Tabitha from Acts 9:36-42 in the Bible was that the name was also translated Dorcas which kids loved teasing me about. I also knew she helped the poor and was raised from the dead but I never looked closely at it.

A few years ago, I was seeking God’s direction and felt prompted to look at Colossians chapter three. How delightful to discover the passage about putting on love. How perfect for me with my passion for fashion and style! I’ve toyed with the “Put On Love” concept since then and even tried a few ideas but nothing really took off…

until the summer of 2020 when my vision came into clearer focus. As I was exploring my big picture purpose and praying about direction, my mom and a dear friend both ran across the Tabitha reference and mentioned it to me. At a time when I was dreaming big about a retail space with the underlying purpose being helping women in need, we were struck how the Tabitha of scripture clothed people. I love clothing people!

Now I envision a boutique-style store where all women can shop, relax or connect and off to the side I could employ or assist women who were in transition or just needed support.

A place to “be.”

Just last night, the memory came up of looking again at the Tabitha from Acts and me pondering my next steps. (Little did I know I’d be six months in to having a shop in my favorite store a year later!) An hour after seeing that memory I flipped open this Just Between Us magazine for the first time in months and laughed out loud when I found a feature on Tabitha–the first I’ve ever seen in my 43 years.

Tabitha from Acts Tabitha Dumas Put On Love

{This morning when I picked up a Bible in a different translation to cross reference the verse, where would the bookmark be but Acts 9:36?}

When we ask God for wisdom and direction, I believe it insults Him when we don’t pay attention to His promptings and signals.

The excerpt from the magazine mentioned the original language used to describe Tabitha as a disciple. It’s a feminine version and the only one used in the New Testament! She was a true and dedicated follower of Jesus. She was also purposeful in the way she looked for practical needs and met them. I love that example to follow!

Put On Love. Being clothed with strength and dignity (a verse my mom has prayed over me all my life, and is the core verse of my image consulting business). Making clothes for the needy. Meeting the practical needs of the community. The dots are connecting and I am open and willing to follow where God is leading.

Tabitha from Acts Tabitha Dumas put on love


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