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Your Style Launch

As I adjust to more of a stay-at-home mom life and spending more time helping my husband with his real estate business (contact us if you’re buying or selling in the Phoenix valley and need a top notch Realtor!), I’ve had to adjust my services and offerings. You’ll be seeing more workshops soon and I’m also introducing an updated version of my Style Launch including a new pricing structure!

Introducing my Style Launch

This concept is for ladies who are eager to update their wardrobe and don’t want to do a separate color analysis/makeUpdate, determination of your lifestyle and style type, body type assessment, wardrobe analysis, etc. in my home THEN we go shopping or into your closet…with the Style Launch we do all of it at one time either out shopping or in your closet!

One appointment with HUGE results.

Which one do you need?

I suggest we go shopping if you’re exploring new styles, your body shape has recently changed and/or you’re trying to build your wardrobe.

Let’s work in your closet if you’re trying to fine tune or streamline your wardrobe and utilize what you already have.

If you’re not sure if you need to jazz up or simplify your wardrobe, this post might help: Your Wardrobe: Jazz Up or Simplify?

Either way, we’ll cover…

  • your best colors
  • a wardrobe color palette according to your Color Code and Signature Color
  • your majority lifestyle (what clothes you need to suit your life. Read more: Majority Lifestyle)
  • wardrobe checklists for each season
  • putting outfits together
  • accessorizing tips
  • pieces you need

If we go shopping, I’ll also teach you smart shopping tips. If we work in your closet, I’ll help you get organized so you can put outfits together more easily.

Read more here or purchase below.

Style Launch options

Feel free to contact me: Tabitha Dumas 602.349.1129 tabitha@tabithadumas.com

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Seeing women showing UP to their life authentically and confidently--THAT is what excites me. I am a strategist, bringer of the fun, trail blazer and agent of encouragement offering creative and effective strategies to help women elevate their image and expand their influence. I'm also a magazine junkie, dedicated wife, fun-loving mama, bargain shopper and story teller trying to use my powers for good in this crazy world. I love my life!
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