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5 reasons why you should stop wearing black

Hey, influential ladies! It’s time to get noticed and be seen!

Soap box moment about why you NEED to stop wearing black. PREFACE: This post is only for women who are striving to look and feel their best and who want to get noticed.

Why you should stop wearing black

I prefaced it with “this is only for you if you want to stand out” because if you prefer to blend in, you can stop reading.

My best clients are women who want to feel confident that they are commanding attention in the best possible way. If that doesn’t interest you, continue to wear your black, white and gray.

If you want to get noticed and become unforgettable, read on.

1. Because black is a slimming color.

“Well, DUH, Tab. That’s why I wear black! Because it’s a slimming color!”

I hear it at literally every speaking gig and Style Launch appointment.

Here’s the deal.

Black is a slimming color because it makes you disappear. But wearing black actually makes you disappear. 

If you’re at a networking meeting sitting at a table full of well-dressed women, the women wearing color and pattern are the ones who come across as the most friendly, approachable and confident. The women wearing black? They disappear.

Read the above sentence again. 

No, really. I’ll wait.

While I endorse black dress pants as a part of most wardrobes–because they ARE flattering and versatile–I cannot and will not condone mostly-black wardrobes.

While black is often seen as professional, it truly does diminish you and I’m just not into women shrinking back.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do. This model is a Soft Autumn, basically a Soft/Warm combo, representing BOTH of the categories who should shun black. This outfit may be chic…but she looks like she’s almost trying to go incognito. She blends into the background! 

Why you need to stop wearing black! Because you are a Warm category. -tabithadumas.com
Image from TFP

2. Because you are a Soft.

The Soft category includes ladies who have medium skin tone, dirty blonde or dishwater blonde hair and medium eye color.

These women looove their black. I feel like I need to send them a sympathy card when I deliver the “no more black” news.

“Soft” says it all…these ladies belong in soft colors like coral, moss green and butter yellow. Their best neutrals are beige and light gray!

Black is simply overpowering so I urge my Soft ladies to gradually transition away from black and into navy or brown, especially for basics like dress pants, dresses and blazers.

I try not to save very many wrong ways of dressing so here are some right ways! 

This Soft looks lovely in the white and denim. 

Why you need to stop wearing black! Because you are a Soft category. -tabithadumas.com
From Her Campus

Gorgeous Soft look with butter yellow, beige and brown. 

Why you need to stop wearing black! Because you are a Soft category. -tabithadumas.com


3. Because you are a Warm.

It’s hard to steer my red-heads away from their beloved black!

The fact is, brown is so much more flattering than black. Plus brown goes so much better with a Warm’s best colors like copper, rust, green and turquoise. Like Softs, I encourage them to replace their black pieces with brown.

Another “do” with purple, denim and rich brown.


Why you need to stop wearing black! Because you are a Warm category. -tabithadumas.com
From Lands End

If you have to wear black, wear it on the bottom and keep your best colors near your face, like this turquoise and denim.

Why you need to stop wearing black! Because you are a Warm category. -tabithadumas.com

4. Because black is safe and predictable.

Black seems to be everyone’s default color, whether for a top or a hand bag.

“It goes with everything,” you say.

You know what else goes with nearly everything?



Emerald green.


They’re the colors everyone can wear. I wrote about it in The 5 colors that look good on everyone.

Stop defaulting to black! Stop choosing what’s easy!

You know me…I say experiment with color. Have fun mixing it up. Become OK with standing out.

This Clear could wear black but look how well the navy and white looks with pops of yellow! 

Why you need to stop wearing black! Navy is so much better, even for a Clear! -tabithadumas.com
Image via J Crew

5. Because black is aging and drains the life out of you.

My Clear, Deep and Cool ladies look particularly lovely in black but even for them, I still recommend colorful jewelry and accessories if they’re wearing a black near their face.

Black is simply hard to wear. It tends to accentuate fine lines, blemishes and dark circles when worn close to the face. 

I wonder…

Has anyone complimented you when you’ve been wearing black? I doubt it.

Unless it’s to an elegant dinner party and you’re wearing sparkly jewels and bright lipstick with a black dress, wearing black doesn’t tend to garner attention.

And you want attention, right? If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here. So take my advice and…

Stop wearing black as your default.

When you’re faced with a rack full of options, choose a color.

When you need a new LBD (Little Black Dress), go for a Little Blue Dress or a Little Brown dress.

Better yet, go with an animal print or floral dress. 

Start adding more color to your wardrobe and notice your confidence SOAR.

If you’re not sure of your best colors, Discover Your Signature Color.

For my ladies married to their black…

Check out this post: Style Tips for women who wear black

How can you move away from black and embrace more color? I’d love to know!

5 reasons why you should stop wearing black! -tabithadumas.com Phoenix image consultant and -get you noticed- expert

5 reasons why you should stop wearing black! -tabithadumas.com Phoenix image consultant and -get you noticed- expert

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10 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should stop wearing black

  1. Great tips, as usual. I default to black because I have a hard time matching clothes. I need garanamils for adults!

  2. This article pissed me off. I will absolutely NOT stop wearing black. The colors aged most of these women. Blondes look awesome in black. Black is sophisticated. It’s beautiful and mysterious. I did like the outfit with the yellow heals and jeans. Those colors were cool. I will continue to wear black. Horrid article.

    1. Wow, thanks for for that passionate feedback! I wear plenty of black myself and frequently recommend it to my clients, this article was meant for women who want to get noticed and COLOR is one way to do that. I always say to wear what you love and I’m so glad you love it! You be you!

    2. Haley,

      Really? You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and Tabitha is gracious enough to welcome all kinds of feedback, but what purpose does it serve to call the article “horrid”?

      I think that maybe you should take a chill pill and take the article for what it’s worth. Meaning if it doesn’t resonate with you, WALK AWAY. 🙄

  3. Love the article, however you need to include men this. I stopped wearing black just after my mother passed in 2015. It does do wonders for your confidence, it lifts your mood, it makes you be yourself because it removes the camouflage. No where to hide, go out and embrace life.

  4. I would just like to say one thing …
    Your character is revealed in your conversations ., and
    Let the conviction fall where it may
    Tabitha , you are the kindest, sweetest person i know
    and the only thing “ horrid” on this page is that comment .

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