Step Into Your Purpose

As a new mom for the second time in 2009, I was completely overwhelmed by my life. It resulted in resentment, burnout and a battle with anxiety. We eventually sold a car, sold our home and took a year off from almost everything and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. In the years since, I have slowly built a Big, Simple Life of purpose and strategic connection and my passion is helping other women do the same. The idea of Step Into Your Purpose has been percolating for years and I felt it was time to get it out there.

We are made for more than busyness and burnout.

Step Into Your Purpose with Tabitha Dumas
Women are constantly faced with a litany of expectations and demands. The more “out there” you live your life, the more potential for stress and overwhelm. Trying to bring an idea to life an seem like an impossible challenge! But even the biggest dream starts with one step. It sounds cliche but it’s also true. And sometimes the hardest step is the first one!

Focusing on taking the next step is the only way I know to

  • fight anxiety
  • live with intention
  • move forward
  • launch a project
  • tackle a to-do list
  • host an event
  • maintain a business
  • do virtually anything!

They say a goal without a plan is just a dream. Every plan starts with a step…thus Step Into your Purpose was born.

I love meeting with women to help them focus on next steps!

Being that I’m operating in roles of wife and mom more these days, I want to be strategic with my time and this purpose stuff is my jam! Plus it gives me the opportunity to point you toward the amazing people in my network.

What IS Step Into Your Purpose?

It’s a FREE consultation with me to determine your most important goals and the next steps to get you there.

Who is it for?

Any woman who feels overwhelmed with a project or goal and needs to focus on the next step.

You can have a book you need to write, a non-profit you need to start, a workshop you need to host or a health change you need to make. It’s that thing you know you need to do…but aren’t sure how to get there. 

It can also be for the woman feeling lost and without a purpose who doesn’t even know where to begin.

What to expect:

  • a “vision quest” to get you focused and thinking BIG (yes, it’s like a personal vision board party!)
  • a time and energy assessment to keep you simple
  • specific next steps to help you reach your goal
  • referrals to people in my network who can assist (financial coaches, marketing pros, business coaches, editors, artists, my Realtor hubby…the list goes on!)
  • my personal recommendations for services I provide, books I love, resources, and anything else I can offer!
  • lots of inspiration and encouragement!
  • some mix of tea, chocolate and goodies cuz that’s how I roll
What is required?

Meeting up in or near my home in Gilbert, Arizona is the best bet! We can also meet up in the east Phoenix valley (you can buy me lunch) or meet virtually via Zoom.

My only requirement is that you complete a “Next Step Assessment” and return it to me without a week of our meeting time so we can make the most of our time. I do accept gifts, especially if they’re anything turquoise, crafty or flowery (winky face).

What’s the fine print?

There’s really no catch. This is something I love to do and didn’t want to add the pressure of making it a big, official thing with a big price tag or expectations. It could even be a one and done and I send you off into the world with your one step in hand! IF, however, you want more time with me or are in need of my services, it’s simple…I charge $100 per hour. Plain and simple. Sharing my network and resources with you is free!

**2023 Update**

I just received an accreditation as a purpose coach and am happy to start offering official coaching services if you’re serious about stepping into your purpose with intention and accountability. Stay updated on my offerings by signing up for my Purposeful Faith Life Style email list here.

Contact me today to get started!

Email or text (602) 349-1129. I look forward to spending time with you!

Step Into Your Purpose with Tabitha Dumas

Step Into Your Purpose with Tabitha Dumas