Starting a creative practice

October 15, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

With the demands, noise and activity of daily life, it’s easy to live in the analytical part of our brains. Just like most things in life, without being intentional about it, we might never use the right side of our brains! That why I want to talk about

starting a creative practice.

Let me ask you…what do YOU do to express your creative side?

Some women plan, shop for and prepare unique meals for their families on a limited budget. Some throw elaborate parties, complete with themes foods and handmade decorations. Some arrange flowers, paint, dance or teach.

I’ll never forget a few Christmases ago when a sweet friend of mine posted on Facebook something like, “What is with these moms who are obsessed with elaborate Elf on the Shelf ideas?? Get a life!” Or at least that’s how I interpreted what she said.

I commented, “It’s better than taking up drinking!! Every woman needs a creative outlet. Don’t you crochet for hours every day??” and thankfully she had a good enough sense of humor to admit, “Yeah, I guess you’re right!”

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@tabithadumas”]Women were made to create. That’s why we need to be intentional about having a creative practice in place. [/tweetthis]

A creative practice is something you do on a regular basis to explore and express your creative side.

When you get lost in an activity, it’s good for your whole body! When was the last time you were so intent on a creative project you were working on that you lost track of time?? If you’re like most of us, it’s been far too long.

If you use to love to sew, write poetry, bake or host a book club, why not revisit it?
Art journaling is a wonderful way to express your creativity.

Getting my creativity on with a gratitude cupcake.

One of my favorite ways to have a regular creative practice is with a Smash Book, also known as an art journal. It’s a simple notebook covered in artist’s canvas, then the pages inside are SMASHED (it’s a great stress reliever!) then glued together to create strong pages that you can paint, draw and glue on. You can take your Smash Book anywhere and add to it any time you want!

Watch my video about how to make one and what you can use it for:

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@tabithadumas”]Working in your Smash Book is wonderful self care! #selfcare #artjournal[/tweetthis]

For me, it’s something I can pick up and add to on a whim. I love that!

There are many ways to have a Smash Book or use an art journal. I have a lot of them on my Artistic Journaling Pinterest board: 

Whatever you do for your creative practice, make sure it’s something that helps you relax and that’s easy to do whenever you feel like it.

I’d love to know what you do for your creative practice! Comment, or visit the Facebook page.

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How to start a creative practice. Tips for celebrating your creativity on a regular basis from Tabitha Dumas



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