The Best of Spring Tips

March 13, 2017

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Aaahhh, spring. Warm weather, Easter celebrations, birds chirping, green grass and blooming flowers…what’s not to love?? I’ve written about spring tips many times over the years so I wanted to offer a round-up of my spring posts for you as

The Best of Spring Tips

Spring is the perfect time to…

  • clean out your closet (and your purse and makeup drawer)
  • try out new colors (whether a dress or a nail polish color)
  • “put yourself out there” (ah, the joy of new beginnings!)
  • get out
  • re-evaluate your goals and aspirations
  • re-visit your self care plan

You might consider a Color Analysis, closet overhaul or Strategy Tea with me! Or perhaps your branding needs an update. Go to Work With Me.

If you’re like most women, you could use a refresh this time of year. This is my “best of” post from last year. I offer lots of ideas, I hope one or two inspire you.

Spring refresh ideas

For goodness sake, please don’t go shopping for spring clothes without a plan! I even offer a FREE worksheet to download to help you shop on purpose.

Do these five things before buying any spring clothes

Maybe you’re feeling a renewed sense of energy and hope. So…

Start collaborating with like-minded people: Find a networking group (let me know if you’re in the Phoenix valley and need specific recommendations)

Be seen and make real-life connections: Put yourself out there

Get outside of your ol’ comfort zone: Keep doing scary things

Just…GET OUT. Try something new! Get cultured

Make art to embrace imperfection

Elevate your image this spring

Are you planning what you’ll wear for your spring occasions? Don’t go shopping until you check out this post.

Easter outfits already in your closet

Pastels, gingham, floral prints…do you know which ones are right for you??

Spring colors for your Color Code

Try wearing scarves!

Spring image tips from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant. Wearing scarves for spring.

Spring image tips from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

I hope these best of spring tips help you make the most of this season. Wishing you a wonderful and purposeful spring!

The Best of Spring Tips from Tabitha Dumas, Phoenix Image Consultant


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